Joe's 1st grade field trip~

Had the privilege to go on Joe's 1st grade field trip Thursday.
We had a really great day.
Joe and his buddy Tye T are really into history right now
so a trip to Lincoln Boyhood home was right up their alley.
I was able to go on the trip with Sam too, learned even more this time.
This rug was woven in 1940s by folks in a hospital in Indianapolis,
cool little fact.  This was in the memorial building.

The weather was gorgeous.  It was even a bit chilly in the morning.
We walked down the path and said the pledge of allegiance to the flag
at the top of the white flag pole.
I wish now I had taken a picture but
2 of my 1st grade teachers were on the field trip!
Ms. Buchta is still a 1st grade teacher and Mrs. Brittan (she was 2nd I think) was with her grandson.
They remembered details about all the trips they have made here.
Love that my boys share the same elementary as DH and I.

I had the best group of 4 boys.
They were so well behaved and respectful.
Tye, Joe, Brentlee and Carl.

This guide is top notch.  He was there for Sam too
and he treats each group like his first with much enthusiasm.

The original site of Lincoln cabin and estimate of it's size for 8 family members.
Joe was telling grandma and grandpa tons of details he remembered today.
Facts about Abe Lincoln and this childhood in Indiana.

A hummingbird nest, it was really neat.  Very tiny and precise...made to look like knot in the tree limb.

I also enjoyed spending the day with Dax's mama Kelly and Shannon, Joe's teacher.
DH and I graduated with both of them, fun to spend time with them!

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