Days Like Today

And On days like today...

I am thankful for the drip tray on my Keurig. And I thought to myself...must need a vacation so I can drink my coffee on the balcony and soak in the ocean. And then I thought...do it today here.
It is so the right move! I stepped onto the porch where I live everyday. I love the newness of my flowers...no scraggly  parts from later in the summer when the caretaker forgets the water. That baseball in the distance reminds me of the fun we had last night as a family out in the yard catching pop flys and we didn't even come outside house until 8pm. I can see the sunrise from this direction and DH's weather vane that he made is mom back in junior high..pretty blessed right here in Indiana. 
I'm also thankful for the this view it has a sweet little begonia and a fresh cup of coffee that I brewed after I forgave myself for forgetting the cup the first time! A sweet little petunia planted for me from my son for Mother's Day and The birds are wonderful the morning...I can hear a cow and a bullfrog in the background and thanks to our near over population of squirrels... I can see them scurring from tree to tree. 

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