Two Dollar Picnic

Could I resist these sweet faces
when they came asking me to come for 
their picnic?
 Oh no, I could not,
cause even though there were weeds to pull
there will always be more so I just left them there to grow bigger.

I was really looking forward to what was prepared...and then I was
hit with the fee.

To join the picnic, the fee was one dollar to each.
So I paid the fee (with a snicker to myself)

And enjoyed, really laugh out loud enjoyed this picnic.

They had spread bread with Jelly (couldn't find the PB, then decided they didn't need it anyway)

and made this special sign

Welcome to our picnic. Come to it
{love it}

We had all the important food groups.

And a bug napper, just in case.

Oh, summatime, sweet summatime.
Please time, do stand still for these moments!

Unwelcome visitor :{

The boys and I had been working hard on our front porch flowers this summer!
We chose them carefully and planted them and have been watering them faithfully~
we had some awesome help from our friend allison while we were gone on vaca...
things were looking good.
We noticed we had a friend working in our landscaping, digging random
but fairly harmless holes.
I was being tolerant, until we woke up to THIS!

Now let me tell you.  I was angry.
My boys were broken hearted...
Grandpa and DH said it was a raccoon.
But we've had coons around before that didn't cause trouble like this.
We picked it all up and are trying to salvage the plants,
and then the DHubs and I sat up in wait of our destroyer.
Indeed it was a coon, big and pretty ugly. Country Problem Solved!


Sandy Smiles: Day 5

Today is the last day :{
It has been such a fun trip.
The boys {and the DH and I} are familiar with the place
and they are really great swimmers this year.
We still keep them very near, but it was so relaxing to be able
to sit in our lounge chair and see them in the pool before us!
And being that today was the last day, in Joe style...he decided he liked the ocean.

We did a lot of bodyboarding and today was perfect, very calm seas.

We enjoyed time at a sand bar that we waded out to.
It goes thru a deep area (you can see it in the photos) and then
shallow again, Joe could even touch!
When we were out this time, Blake and Kurtis saw dolphins near us!

Those 3 little dots in the middle are my babes!

And they made it back safe!

Matching for the last day!

Joe was working hard on this hole that our sand neighbors made, see that tongue?

This is our first time being at the condo during peak season, but it was still nice.
We noticed that it took 4 rows of beach chairs (usually we see two rows) but we 
were able to still have one reserved in the front row. 
 At the pool, prime spots were a little harder to come by...
but the boys found plenty of room to enjoy~
We had 5 guys for lunch and then stayed in for our last night~

So we'll head home, refreshed and DIVE right into the pile of laundry we created!

last day pot luck!

Sandy Smiles: Day 4

We enjoyed a long walk on the beach with some sea shell collecting.
It allowed the teens with us to sleep in for once, I don't think they are used to the early morning
kids wake up call everyday!

This beach isn't known for its shells, but look at this beauty we found!


Sandy Smiles: Day 3 Birthday Style!

Decorating the condo for Blake's 19th birthday was fun for Joe.
He woke up early with mom and helped me!
Then daddy made pancakes to surprise her in bed.

We were at the pools early, swam the morning away.
We skipped the beach so we would have plenty of time for Blake to S.H.O.P.!!!

We got a great spot beside the pirate ship with a table and grill so we
 could grill burgers and hot dogs out side for lunch!

We headed to Destin Commons
and after some very patient boys waited on mom to look around a bit...
they got to make their very first build a bear.
{We made on for Joe's 1st birthday when he couldn't be home with us...but Sam doesn't remember that}

And then it was time to shop for a present from Sam and Joe...they were certain that they needed to give her makeup or jewelry.  They each chose and item from VS, lip gloss and eye shadow.

After shopping we ate supper at Johnny Rockets then went to HarborBay Village.
It was a fun festive atomsphere.

And we returned in time to tuck Fluffy and Rally into bed!\

Happy Birthday Blake Martina!  It has been fun to be beachside with you this week!!!