Unwelcome visitor :{

The boys and I had been working hard on our front porch flowers this summer!
We chose them carefully and planted them and have been watering them faithfully~
we had some awesome help from our friend allison while we were gone on vaca...
things were looking good.
We noticed we had a friend working in our landscaping, digging random
but fairly harmless holes.
I was being tolerant, until we woke up to THIS!

Now let me tell you.  I was angry.
My boys were broken hearted...
Grandpa and DH said it was a raccoon.
But we've had coons around before that didn't cause trouble like this.
We picked it all up and are trying to salvage the plants,
and then the DHubs and I sat up in wait of our destroyer.
Indeed it was a coon, big and pretty ugly. Country Problem Solved!