Two Dollar Picnic

Could I resist these sweet faces
when they came asking me to come for 
their picnic?
 Oh no, I could not,
cause even though there were weeds to pull
there will always be more so I just left them there to grow bigger.

I was really looking forward to what was prepared...and then I was
hit with the fee.

To join the picnic, the fee was one dollar to each.
So I paid the fee (with a snicker to myself)

And enjoyed, really laugh out loud enjoyed this picnic.

They had spread bread with Jelly (couldn't find the PB, then decided they didn't need it anyway)

and made this special sign

Welcome to our picnic. Come to it
{love it}

We had all the important food groups.

And a bug napper, just in case.

Oh, summatime, sweet summatime.
Please time, do stand still for these moments!