These two have been scrumptious lately!
Morning lounge time is pretty scarce around our house,
but they found some time to snuggle a couple of weeks ago.
Warms my heart.

.  And then I got to have 2 lunch dates this week.
Joey D picked to eat with mom at Los Bravos, we were glad
Melissa joined us.  She bought him ice cream from Dairy Master too
He could not contain his excitement when I dropped him off in the morning
and he came bounding around the corner at lunchtime saying he was
ready for our date.  Sweet scrumptious memories.

And two short days later I got to have lunch with this boy.
He originally opted to skip this option in favor of recess,
but changed his mind after he heard tales from his brother.
He chose DQ because he saw a commercial for their 5 dollar lunch.
He is so seriously sweet, asking if I would like to eat outside with him
on one of the picnic tables, it was a beautiful day for that.
He discovered the gravy with the Chicken Strip Basket,
decided it was good with everything.

Oh my how I cherish these days.
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Everybody loves a splitter.
You might not have known it.
You might have thought you loved a blizzard.
But if you asked Joe, you would realize it was a splitter.
And once mom and dad figured out what he was asking for
and we laughed and laughed, it sounded so good.
So off to the DQ it was for their buy one,
get one for 99 cents blizzard deal.
We needed a treat and saw some fellow church friends there after business meeting.
Our favs:  Dad and Joe like M&M
Mama likes turtle pecan cluster
Sam likes all of them, tonight was strawberry.
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Camping with Grandma and Grandpa

The kids are camping with grandma and grandpa for the weekend.
We couldn't stand it any longer.
Enjoyed date night last night
and we both worked today...
but tonight we joined them.
And it was worth the smiles, can you tell?

Shaylee and I were buds tonight, we tackled the balance beam together
and she did my hair all night, she kept calling me her big sister

I pretty much LOVE this pic.
She was trying to pick him up, ha.
Looks like she is giving a giant bear hug

Playing chase

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Talking with Grandpa Great

I had a nice conversation today with this guy.
We call him grandpa great.
Dan's grandpa, Ezra
My kids are lucky to know him.
I was lucky to hear his thoughts today.
Dan and the boys were in the combine and we were out in the dusty field.
He was in this nice cab tractor, but of course he had the door wide open.
It is the way he prefers it.
He said, we used to be right out in the middle of the of all that dust.
we stood on our first combine.
Grandma was Amish before she married Grandpa,
we have a picture of them behind a plow driven by horses.
He also told me that he thought we had a nice home.
He likes the location in the country
He thinks I have a nice job.
He chuckled at the boys as they ran across the field
in their boots and shorts.
He doesn't say much at all,
except today.
And today,
He made my day. 
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School Treats!

I found a few forgotten phone photos and I wanted to remember...
Grandpa and Grandma went with us to Mi Pueblo to celebrate Joe's 6th birthday.
He LOVED the attention from the workers who are of course his friends.

And we wouldn't want to forget the snacks we took to school.
His choice was Nutty Bars.
His absolute favorite, next to fudge rounds.
We prettied them up a bit

He got the birthday chair cover and hat for the day

His favorite part of the day was getting to leave a few minutes before every one else.
My how I love this kindergartner, I love being his mom.

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Seeing out!

Here is the once closed, dark holding all of our left over (need to remake or part with)
furniture corner of our basement.  It is the corner where the light doesn't work
very well and the cobwebs have just about taken over...
but not any longer!  DH and his dad worked very hard
with a concrete cutting pro to open this area
and make our new walkout basement
Insert smile.
BIG BIG smile.
Of course it rained the day they decided to tackle this,
so a muddy mess came inside, but I didn't even notice, not like
this floor was clean yet anyway!

My why for this project was my babes.
I have this fear (irrational or not) of a fire and no escape from the basement.
I want this to be a place for friends to gather, but I would never have allowed
them to stay down there without a way out. 
So that is my why. 
We were limited on size of the opening due to septic,
I dreamed of a full wall of windows and sliders and glorious light flooding the basement,
this is our sensible and suitable option.
Must pick a color for the door and begin dreaming more!
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Last Day of Summer with a Fire

I am in a 3 in a row stretch of Saturdays
so we are making the most of the rest of the day
after I get off work.
DH was home with the boys all day and I think they would
have rather gone somewhere last night,
on second thought that would have required a bath for the boys
and they had dressed themselves so nicely in shorts and boots that
they probably didn't really want to change anyway.
So I took an RX delivery and headed to the store for hot dogs and smores.
When I got home the fire was perfect

Tiger Night joined us the whole night and he even got my dropped dog, he loved it

We took another long walk around our yard.  Over by the pond
and down near the road (where the boys are not allowed to go alone)

 and we found the dirt pile left by our basement project
 And then just a few minutes later my brother his wife and Drew came
to enjoy the fire.
We enjoyed the conversation and the laughter.

Pretty good way to welcome fall
on the last day of summer!
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Early Signs of Fall

Nature walk 9.14.13

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