Bell Ringers

Last Saturday, we organized a service project for our Sunday School class.
We rang the bell for the Salvation Army at IGA.

It is such a busy time of year, not everyone was able to make it,
but those that did enjoyed the service.

Shakira, Sam and Tyson.
Don't be fooled by those smiles, it was COLD.

My big boy and I did all 2 hours and really enjoyed our time there.
He never stopped ringing that bell, I had to add hand warmers to my shoes
but he never faded!  

People were very generous, all of them.  Often times returning from cars with change
or bringing change after a checkout.   It was heartwarming to see the generosity of our community.
And wish every a Merry Christmas.  

24 But be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.
1 Samuel 12:24


Family is Everything

This post started about my niece Jaelyn.
We love watching her play sports - any sport, really.  She excels at Volleyball, Basketball and Softball - and academics too - she is pretty awesome.
We've gotten to know her friends thru the years and they are sweet friends!
Her team is undefeated this season so far...couple of tough games coming up.
They played Oolitic Thursday night and Oolitic had beat them by 13 last year.
The girls battled hard this year and came out on top! Goooo Lions!

Jaelyn had a big crowd for the this game.  So many of us came to support her.
We don't make it to everygame, in fact, I thought we had the night off.
But, then I looked at the schedule and saw that J played and we packed up and headed into the gym.

But, look at her crowd waiting to congratulate her after her win.
It doesn't get any better than this.

Everytime I see her in the paper, I take a picture and send it to her.
Yep, I'm that annoying aunt.  
I don't care, want her to know that I am proud.
After all, she is named after me...Jaelyn Elizabeth - insert heart emoji - blogger really needs to get up with the times.

A December Week!

Snapshots from this week...

I just snapped a pic at work on Monday, well because I just knew
we were going to rock that day.
It was early in the morning and we had Emily as a relief tech///we were rocking and rolling.
We did rock that day and every day this week.
December and January in the pharmacy are intense...sickness, insurance changes, 
PTO days to cover - we just approach them with a positive can do attitude!

Worked an 11 Monday but only a 6 Tuesday which meant I was on school pick up/practice run duty a couple of days this week, my favorite!!!!
It does not matter if it is frigid cold, these boys love to shoot a few hoops on this goal.
I have found myself parked here no less than a dozen times this year.
The tiny basketball stays in the van for times just like this.

Another reminder.  So much truth - we try to tackle it all.
I want to cover my kids with a sort of sheild, but that is God's job if I am obedient to him.

Wednesday night discovery club pick up.  Same thing.  They come out (no matter the temp) ready to play a round of some sort of paper ball - they know moms are waiting but need about 3 minutes to rouse around and then they come ready to go home - LOL. Oh these everyday memories
will soon be missed and cherished beyond what I can imagine.

Friday I was off work and DH spoiled Joe by taking him out for lunch.  
They sent me this picture while I was Christmas shopping.
{they shared the bowl and still could not finish}

I was shopping with the Graber ladies - see that snowflake in my hair?  It was a perfect snowflake flying kind of getting ready for Christmas day!
And we finished the night with a Varsity Basketball win over Forrest Park at the Lions Den.
I am doing Friday Forecasters(local radio show about area basketball predictions with a little plug for your business) on the radio this year - and this game should give me a boost.

Christmas Art.

Sunday after the WB Christmas party is was cold and rainy -
it was jam packed but the rain cancelled the Christmas Stroll and Parade.
I was sad to miss it because it is scheduled now for a Wednesday night (I will work) - but we enjoyed the day anyway!

Blake and Noah came that night and we headed to LB for supper,
this stud came out dressed and ready in his joggers. Love him.

Blake had stopped by the bring me a new boxwood wreath she picked up -
LOVE LOVE LOVE.  It is PERFECTION in this window.  
I love it in so many ways.  Mostly that it is from Blake.

With a little convincing (the older one) - just keeping it real - I mean he is almost 11
and mom's crafts just are not cutting it like they once did...we painted some Christmas canvases
and wooden tree ornaments.

I think they did great and I love where my artists signed their name.

Love these awesome reminders on my social media feeds.
Isn't there sooooooo much truth in this statement.

We found the perfect spot to hang our art for the season.

WB Christmas Party 2016

Look at this fun group that I get to work with everyday.
WB is a big part of each of our lives, we are lucky with this crew.
We had a very fun evening at the big WB Christmas party this year.

This was the first party that Blake had to miss,
 so we sent her this pic of her favorite OLD work besties.

These two young ones provided our table some comic relief for the night.

Who knows, I tell you, with this group - always up for a joke/laugh.
We look forward the the WB party every year - I enjoy seeing folks that I have worked with 
for over 15 years.  I've known some that long and then it grows every year, too -
 that is fun to watch as well. The food was good this year but the people even better.
With Sara and JD

And my favorite Hanna (I don't think I could survive without our venting/uplifting sessions)
and Miss Lei - who is ALMOST ready to rock this pharmacy school gig!


Full and Blessed.

There is so much truth in this.
I am careful saying that we are too busy for that
or the weekend was busy.
I try to use full.  Full seems much more charming and blessed than busy!

I got to spend a whole 1/2 day with Morgan!
She is having fun with a cricut she borrowed.
It's really neat.
She is making holidays blocks with it right now.

And we drove over to the new trailer in place on their land.
Looks great, needs a little TLC that she and Ethan are willing to provide.

And this view from her kitchen window - swoon,
right over the pond.

I made cube steak, mash potatoes and corn one day last week.
Carb o heaven, but it tasted delicious!

Sam and I have been reading this chapter book together.  It has been such a 
giant blessing and interrupted time each evening.

And the tooth fairy stopped by because Sam lost 2 teeth in one week.
He placed the the teeth under his pillow trusting the tooth fairy would magically stop by.
We've long since stopped believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny so this surprised me.
And when he woke up,
he said...thanks for the money mom.

Sunday Slowdown

All my pictures lately are on Sundays.
Sundays are full and blessed and are some weeks are our slow down, recharge time.

These 5th graders are my favorite right now.  They are funny and participate 
(as much as most 11 year olds will) 
 they are kind to one another, and are learning the word of God together (often times me,too).

We did a nickel drop demo on a lesson with God doing the Impossible for us.

We also are working on some snowflake decorations for the room.

We came home a tried out some pics for our Christmas card.
They were a flop for the card, but we laughed a giggled and I love
some of the genuine expressions I captured with the ol IPHONE
(notice spit from Joe's mouth, eeeeewwww)
Just keeping it real, some were more charming than this...I'll post them soon.

We snuggled in for an afternoon at home.
Joe and I made cinnamon ornaments at home.

Loving doing this, love the smell of our home afterward.
Love that we are creating Christmas season memories 
to last a lifetime.

They dried a few days a we hung them on the tree with care!
There are been a balloon around our house for a few weeks (from a Sunday school lesson)
and we have enjoyed endless moments punching it around, timing how long we can keep it in the air,
playing volleyball and just laughing at each others antics.

The BB gun came out again for an afternoon of target practice.
DH hit one of the cups....look at Joe's reaction.

The kitty (Junior Number 2) and I just snuggled and watched.

Clipped some evergreen from the back yard and holly sprigs from front yard, 
love this time of year.

Checking out our hits on the target.

We went to hanging of the greens with the Walkers at the Methodist Church.
It was so pretty, Blake and Ricki had a speaking part so glad we were there
(not sure why I don't have pictures, probably because it was church)

And we ended at our friends' home just hanging out watching football
and hashing out the latest fantasy football trades.

They have a new dog and Joe was scared silly of it.
The tiny thing barked like a giant bulldog, we laughed at Joe
as he eased into the dog being there.

Look at him laughing at himself, bless his heart.  He tried,
but the dog would tear into him as soon as he relaxed a little.
Finally, everyone got used to one another - we laughed all the while.