Full and Blessed.

There is so much truth in this.
I am careful saying that we are too busy for that
or the weekend was busy.
I try to use full.  Full seems much more charming and blessed than busy!

I got to spend a whole 1/2 day with Morgan!
She is having fun with a cricut she borrowed.
It's really neat.
She is making holidays blocks with it right now.

And we drove over to the new trailer in place on their land.
Looks great, needs a little TLC that she and Ethan are willing to provide.

And this view from her kitchen window - swoon,
right over the pond.

I made cube steak, mash potatoes and corn one day last week.
Carb o heaven, but it tasted delicious!

Sam and I have been reading this chapter book together.  It has been such a 
giant blessing and interrupted time each evening.

And the tooth fairy stopped by because Sam lost 2 teeth in one week.
He placed the the teeth under his pillow trusting the tooth fairy would magically stop by.
We've long since stopped believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny so this surprised me.
And when he woke up,
he said...thanks for the money mom.