WB Christmas Party 2016

Look at this fun group that I get to work with everyday.
WB is a big part of each of our lives, we are lucky with this crew.
We had a very fun evening at the big WB Christmas party this year.

This was the first party that Blake had to miss,
 so we sent her this pic of her favorite OLD work besties.

These two young ones provided our table some comic relief for the night.

Who knows, I tell you, with this group - always up for a joke/laugh.
We look forward the the WB party every year - I enjoy seeing folks that I have worked with 
for over 15 years.  I've known some that long and then it grows every year, too -
 that is fun to watch as well. The food was good this year but the people even better.
With Sara and JD

And my favorite Hanna (I don't think I could survive without our venting/uplifting sessions)
and Miss Lei - who is ALMOST ready to rock this pharmacy school gig!