Christmas Art.

Sunday after the WB Christmas party is was cold and rainy -
it was jam packed but the rain cancelled the Christmas Stroll and Parade.
I was sad to miss it because it is scheduled now for a Wednesday night (I will work) - but we enjoyed the day anyway!

Blake and Noah came that night and we headed to LB for supper,
this stud came out dressed and ready in his joggers. Love him.

Blake had stopped by the bring me a new boxwood wreath she picked up -
LOVE LOVE LOVE.  It is PERFECTION in this window.  
I love it in so many ways.  Mostly that it is from Blake.

With a little convincing (the older one) - just keeping it real - I mean he is almost 11
and mom's crafts just are not cutting it like they once did...we painted some Christmas canvases
and wooden tree ornaments.

I think they did great and I love where my artists signed their name.

Love these awesome reminders on my social media feeds.
Isn't there sooooooo much truth in this statement.

We found the perfect spot to hang our art for the season.