Surprise Summer Trip || Fiesta Factory Outlet

What a little dream come true for this Fiesta dish lover!
When we talked about this trip, I thought about little Newell, WV
and my heart skipped a beat....but I knew it was too far out of the way on our Saturday drive to Cincinnati.
But, DH surprised me saying if we were to drive there Friday night after Hershey, it might work!
And sure enough, it did work!
So, we cancelled our room and found a room in Newell and rerouted our GPS
 for a surprise stop for mama!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw they were open until 7pm, it was likely
we would make it before they closed on Friday night.
We rolled in at 6:05, a full 55 minutes!
The area of West Virginia is right along the river and very industrial.
We had stopped here on our East trip in 02 and knew it was rough.
The factory has not seen any improvements since then, but they sure make beautiful dishes.

My favorite is the seconds room.  
It did not disappoint with choices and prices.
So hard to make decisions, if I could just choose one of each item!

And this in one corner, I could take these cuties with me to rescue them.
And my boys came in to see what the hype was about.
I don't think I convinced them to love dishes yet.
I did not like the new skull and vines pattern.
I am not a fan of anything with skulls.

I made a few choices and we headed out at 7 sharp.
I was so very happy!

We hung out at the hotel pool, the boys cracking me up
by pumping themselves up for swim races with one another.
Doing push ups and pounding their chests,ha.
Good thing we had the whole pool to ourselves.

And we looked up exactly where we were...way up there in the tip top of WV.
Cool Geography lesson (that was apparently found on a Geology website, ha)

And in true mama fashion, I asked to go back on Saturday morning
with a clear head. I picked out some items for family who also love Fiesta.
And with that I will schedule my return trip in say 15 years!

Surprise Summer Trip || Hershey PA Chocolate World

Our next stop was Hershey, PA
DH and I had been to Hershey back on our East coast trip when we were first married.
We knew we wanted to bring the kids back.  
Like everything, it has become bigger and more commercialized and there were a whole lot more people, but we loved it along with the rest of the crowds!
Everyone was all smiles for the chocolate ahead.
This guy is our chocolate lover.
And our other smiley guy was happy when he found out they made his favorite fruity candy!

We were standing in line for the chocolate ride when Joe spotted this cake
and said that he wanted that for this birthday, so we texted Grandma
and she said of course - no problem!  

The ride was cute and we enjoyed our small Hershey bar afterward!
We spent some time looking at all of the items for sale.
They had giant everything!

Deciding what they wanted to get as their souvenir. so precious!

Their choices!
And then we set out for the panhandle of West Virginia, for what you say?
Oh, a very special stop indeed!

We loved these tunnels in the way, there were 3!

Surprise Summer Trip || Utz Factory

Are you a brochure reader at your hotel?
It drives Dan crazy, thinks it is junk.
But, Joe and I love them and we found this gem!

This summer our grocery store has started carrying UTZ chips 
and we LOVE their Honey BBQ
so when I saw this was 20 min from Gettysburg and (kinda) on the way to our next stop,
we headed that direction!

We were a bit disappointed when the factory tour was cancelled that day for a festival they were having.
But we stopped for a quick snapshot before heading to check out the factory store.

And in case there was any doubt what they made their chips out of..
we smelled this load of potatoes before we could see it..stinky.

I mean this was the chip mecca.  They had it ALL>

 I sent this to Allison, she would have gone crazy.

Best 20 minute stop ever.
Fun times.