My Valentines.

Love these guys!
And I'm thankful for guys who loved my simple valentine effort.
I've come to realize that we aren't a fussy Pinterest family.  
We are definitely on the go! 
We fit this in after work and before practice, and it was not actually Valentine's Day.  
But, they told me it was the best roast ever and raved about the baked potatoes that were actually baked in the oven, ha!
I wanted everyone to drink pink, but Joe and DH weren't interested...
but DH did use the special straw I stole from Blake's house!

 Grandma sent each boy a special valentine.

And I got each boy a small valentine surprise.
Joe was pumped for VR goggles (on his Christmas list)
and I was able to stay in the "small" gift range because I found these for $4!

We laughed a lot!

And the very next night, between 7-8pm, I had dinner with my valentine.
I met him after work at 7 at The Lodge and we enjoyed a valentine meal out
and picked up the boys at church at 8!
We took our dessert to go and even had leftovers for the next day's lunch!
Thankful for a quick recharge with my guy.
It was just what we needed mid week!

I also received a very special (and true...) card from Joe
and Sam swept out my van for me!

Elemental Valentine Box!

My science loving boy asked for another Valentine box.
He searched Pinterest and found his sample and away he went!
It was fun reviewing the Periodic table with him.  He has a great interest in that now -
 this science loving mom is ready to help him learn more about the elements now!
 This mama also knows this is our last Valentine exchange at school (insert sad tear).
We enjoyed putting together our tic tac toe valentines from Jane (mama's app, LOL).

And to the assembly of the box...

A simple box wrapped in red with a slot cut in the top.
We researched some funny Valentine ideas that fit our theme.

 I love the conversations that result when working one on one.
And the jokes that DH inserts, like telling Joe that he might 'get a wedgie' for his science box.
Ahem, keeping it real, we did laugh out loud and DH agreed that being smart is cool.
Just keeping it real around here, ha!

Joe made up his own element for J

 Tons of fun with my boy for Valentine's Day!

Scott's Racing Team!

Uncle Scott has started a new venture as a mechanic
for a trucking company and a race car team.
He will travel with the race car team in season, kinda like a dream job!
He was in Florida last week!
We are supporting his venture and hope to see him race when he is a bit closer to home.
We went over to see his race shop, boys were in awe.
It was neat seeing the car and parts for the car and how they all come together.  
Sam has shown interest in engineering and car design - he took it all in.
Joe asked all the questions.

We were equally impressed with the car hauler and RV set up.
It was impressive.

The grill/cooler set up.

I haven't seen anything with the likes of this.
And Scott does the driving.  I could do that.  
Sure, if we only went in a straight line, maybe. Wow.