HHescape18 || King of the Beach

I recruited a new sunrise watcher on Tuesday morning!
Miss Taylor and I enjoyed coffee and sunrise together.
The previous morning's sunrise had been a little more spectacular
but I enjoyed this one more because I had great company!

And we met this sweet man who offered to take our picture.
I am thankful for this memory!

 And this guy - let me rewind a bit.
He wanted us to play a family tennis tournament so he drew up
the entire tournament and we sent it out on group chat.
It didn't work out for it to happen
but the discussions about it did provide us much entertainment before
and during the trip. But, in case you were wondering - he was serious.
So DH an I took him over to play a little tennis
(the other kids played, too)
It was smoking hot and it was before 8am, that might have played into the interest of everyone
during the week, ha1

He beat me in a couple of games, but he couldn't get dad yet.
We still call Dan's racket The Dominator - circa 1995

 DH and I went for a drive around the island. I read that Belk had
a special Beach Fiesta (dish) pattern, and I was in search of it. Alas
after trying donuts and finding a cute souvenir shop - we arrived at Belk
before they opened at 10am (told you we were early risers) waited a few mintues caved into trying to a local donut flavor while waiting... and Belk did not have it.
Oh well, I enjoyed exploring around the area a bit!

We came back and got pool/beach ready!

But, someone had already claimed the KING OF THE BEACH title.

(strategically placed almonds, tee hee)

Graham sure loves his Auntie Mo.

 This picture makes me sad for Joe.
Good thing it was very brief and he fought right back!!
It looks like we are all watching torture.
Ugh, boys!

Look someone bigger than Sam getting him back!

After a lunch for the boys Sam and I headed down to the beach

Some of the others had gone to Harbor Town (lighthouse and shops) this day
in different shifts/ groups.
We stayed back for more waves and reading - with a little shade!

Shh, don't tell him I caught a pic of him reading!

Memories from Blake's Instastory

Then a few of us went to dinner that night at a local restaurant - went looking for a featured favorite but it was a 1.5 hour wait so we settled on this BBQ place.
Very neat atmosphere and food was great!

 I thought I won the game but she's giving me the L
maybe she was a sore loser!!!

We found this delicious ice cream shop - (were back later in the week, ha)
and realized they have one in Destin, hmmmm!

 Night time bottle!
 And more games
 Day well spent on Collier Court, Hilton Head Island!


HHescape18 || An Engagement

Cole surprised his sweetie with an engagement for her birthday!
We could not be more pleased to welcome Taylor into our family.
She is quite a gem.
Her ring is a beautiful rose gold and seeing their engagement
was something special!

Cole had planned it all day and taken her out for her birthday for dinner.
Christine knew he wanted to propose on the beach after dinner during a walk.
They came back from dinner and went down for their walk.
As soon as they headed out the door, Chris told the rest of us that he was going to propose and 
we should all come down to watch.
Mind you it was in the middle of dinner prep - meat on the grill
Noah in the shower (we called him bubbles the rest of the week because he finished so fast)
and people everywhere!
We all made it down to the dune all 15 of us hiding in case they looked back..
and he took off for a walk...
and walked some more and we were all dying for it to happen!

This picture Blake took is priceless, tee hee.

Morgan and I took shelter beside some tents on the beach and by this time others had
snuck out from their hiding spot, tee hee.

And then he turned around and we calmly hid with the exception of Morgan who
came up with a brilliant explanation as to why she just happened to be on the beach,
she came down to get their picture - and Cole took the moment to propose!

So very sweet!

A fun moment to remember for sure!

Congratulations Cole and Taylor!

HHescape18 || Sunrise to Sunset

Amazing Sunrises are my jam!
Sunsets are pretty spectacular as well, but there is just something
about the promise of a beautiful new day!
I woke up early for sunrise 1 of the 3 I made on this trip
and it was the best!

I crested the dune and was rewarded with this view
but shortly after the show began!

The pinks were so pretty (and and Iphone can't do justice)

A look back at the neighborhood houses

And to the southwest where the sun wasn't shining yet

This large piece of driftwood was stationery on the beach all week.
During high tide water would come up around it, but it stayed put.
Maybe we should call fallen trees in on our property beautiful driftwood...

It was a stunning morning for views, I could tell the sun was already hot.
The forecasts for the week were there had been 50/50 for rain, but we 
saw very little during our trip which certainly gave for plenty of activity time!

The view out the back of our house situated on a marsh with very pretty views, too.

Back inside Graham was awake, he's an early riser like his momma and Joe!
Joe and I went on a long bike ride thru the park nearby and the adjoining neighborhoods.
VERY pretty area.
He was most excited about riding in his PJs

Then it was ocean time again - Dan and Will and the boys out further!

Cooled off back in the pool, we hung here for several hours this day.
We floated and relaxed and talked and danced(a couple of us) and played games - you name it.
The sand was so smoking hot that our feet was sore from the previous 2 days.

They talked him into doing some sort of dance from Fortnite,
it didn't last long - attention isn't his thing, ha!

Friends who were on HHI the same time stopped by,
fun times.

More of this.  

But this was my favorite.  Just being together {the occasion might be waiting on dinner}
but together nonetheless!
Dan on the grill and Jill Chris and I getting the rest ready in the kitchen!

Lots of bike rides. which meant more pool time 
or another shower, it was smoking, ha!

These cuties.

And the 3 boys Drew, Sam, and Joe snuck in some Fortnite and You Tube time all week
in their bunk room - stayed up way too late and slept in after.  They were in tween heaven.