Joe at the Hatchet House

This past Sunday Joe's basketball team played some games
at the Washington Hatchet House.  Those guys looked pretty small
in one of the largest gyms in the state of Indiana.
They played with some heart, but came up short.
Joe did score a couple of buckets!

DH continues to coach and encourage the team

Sam's team also played Sunday at LHS, I was running on 1/2 tank from being sick
so Grandma, Grandpa and Blake were at his games.
They won all 3 of their games!  
Proud of my basketball boys.  Ready for some more games as soon as all this snow clears!


A shower for Baby Parker

I was honored to help host a baby sprinkle for my cousin Jessica
who is expecting her 3rd blessing in February.  
Her daughter Ella (cousin Landrey) and son Ryder were ready to help open the new babe's presents!
 2 week old Mr Graham made it to the shower.
He slept the whole time!  Such a sweet bundle.

My aunt Cindy recently moved into a new home that Jess designed the renovations for - it is
simple and stunning.  Much to love about this cozy and bright home!

Cousins Brittany and mama Mindy also were able to come, it was
and awesome afternoon of visiting and enjoying family and friends

Aunt Peggy Grandma (Nana, Grammy...we just don't know yet, ha) Christine!

Great-Great Aunt Polly.  It's pretty cool when a Great Aunt gets promoted to 
Great- Great!

Morgan made the perfect banner, isn't it sweet?

The promise of new life is something worth celebrating, each and every time!


New Year, New Baby Boy!

Love new years and new beginnings
and new planners!  
I spent a couple hours planning and putting our appointments on our planner
AND the iphone (because we can all see that when we are on the go) - somehow
we make it work!

 My favorite new event.
 And he completed this row of birthday's just perfectly!

We love our phone updates from Graham and Mama
and I got to spend a couple hours visiting this week, too.

Sweet sweet boy!