Off to See the Wizard

 At the end of April, I went with those crazy co-workers of mine
to see the Wizard of Oz on Broadway!

We met at worked on a Friday night at close and headed south for
a 7:30 Evansville time start (that time difference saved us for once, ha).
Most of us hadn't been to a Broadway production before, and I had not since Butler- 
I was taking in the sites.
The regulars talking to the ticket takers.
The old and the young alike.
Those dressed fancy and those dressed casual.
The Box Office.
The selfie station, we took advantage of that.
The snacks - some of us discovered that they were higher than the regular movies.
Our elevator ride up to the Balcony.
Careful not to look over the edge, eeks.
Second row Balcony was still pretty far from the stage.
Fun laughs with coworkers during intermission
{possibly about the row of Southern Baptist Church Women
behind us that belted out every.single.song - insert winky face}
The costumes of stage - people that were flowers that bloomed then danced.
Little Toto
And then
Trying to find a place to grab a bite to eat at the late hour...
Ended at Chicago Pizza
where we had a sweet waitress but medicore food, boo.
Fun Laughs on the way home!
A VERY late night  - this mama ain't seen 2am in a VERY LONG time.

Renaee, Allison, Carrie, Anna, Mary Rose, Rachel, Myself
Missing Tony (on a cruise, really?) and Emily (taking finals at Purdue, really?)


Level One - Check!

Joe met a personal goal yesterday and he was VERY excited!
He has been practicing his ball handling skills since Basketball Factory started.
He set up a timer on his Kindle and gets his paper out nearly every night.
DH and I glance at each other as the pounding starts, but we wouldn't
change a thing!

He had ISTEP yesterday and he was a bit keyed up for that, but he was pumped 
for his chance at clearing Level 1 skills - and he did it on his first try.
His friend Emmett was right by his side!

He got a shout out from the LHS Head Coach on Twitter!

Look at that intensity.
Love his determination.

Golf Resilience

We were able to catch another LMS golf meet at Springs Valley.
Sam received a few lessons for his birthday this year
and this is the course where his golf instructor teaches.
It was a cold and wet evening.
It drizzled for a big portion of the evening, pants were wet up to the calves
and fingers were ice cold.
I did enjoy watching Sam's hint of resilience during this meet.
He started off rough and frustrated.  One of those 'you just like to fix it for 
them' times -

Getting a little encouragement from dad after he took double par on a hole.
And he came back on the next hole and did SO much better, getting one over par.
I kept reminding DH that he is 12, I love watching him mature!

His team finished 2nd this time, it was a rough round all around.
But, plenty of experience and I kept learning, ha!

Did you know golf shoes are waterproof, I wish I had golf shoes this night, ha!

Love him something fierce!