The Hightopper and The Barber

These two are always dreaming up Joe's next hairstyle..
and this latest one fits Joe's personality!
Joe calls it his hightopper.
 Joe loved the extra attention of the shaving cream and razor.

And after he got all dressed up...handsome boy!

And anything that makes a big smile like this...worth it!


Turkey Day Getaway: Day 4

 Saturday was our final day in Florida for 2017!
This place is so special to us, so familiar but yet we learn
something new each visit.  
Love new experiences!
Joe and I headed out one morning for  walk to our pier,
Dan took Sam to lift some weights in the gym!

The reward this view provides!

We spotted something not far from the shore.  Joe was pumped!

 Several dolphins were swimming and we watched them during our entire walk.  
They are so elegant!

We settleed into our seats before some were even moving for the day.
We are early risers and we don't waste much time in the room!

 The bottom pool was drained for maintenance and was blocked off.
Their dad bribed them with one dollar if they would run thru it!
Law breakers!

 We ended with a trip to our favorite book store and Pompano Joes!
It was dark when we were there- no pics.  
But they were decorated for Christmas with a tree on the beach!
 We had a FULL Sunday so we were up and on the road by 4am (3am local time).
Boys LOVE these carts and being in charge of them!  
 A familiar sight on our trek North!


Turkey Day Getaway: Day 3

Day 3 _ Black Friday was a gorgeous, gorgeous day!
We did head down to the outlets for quick morning shopping trip!
We headed out when the lot got full and some stores had lines to get in 
{Kate Spade - DH said what do they even sell}
We were back and at the beach by 11am for our kind of Black Friday!

 We spent a long time in the water, the sun was warm!
Sam was really enjoying the waves.

We spent some time at the pool and hot tub
the boys convinced me that I should get in the pool.
It did provide some deep belly laughs and funny memories
of them trying the dunk me! 

Lunch seaside!

 I headed back down to read by the shore and soak up the last of the sunshine for the day!

I was rewarded by this view!

It was not long and this boy had come down to join me.

 We looked up the sunset time and we were only 30 minutes away!
We elected to stay and soak it up!

And then we built this - ha!

 And then this.

And this.  I want to remember when his head tucked right there.
It won't fit here forever.  It does right now and is the most precious thing.
Love him. 

And we dug this. Ha.  We did not. 

But we did see this.

 We headed across the street to our favorite unsavory (tee hee) restaurant
for our favorite pizza and nachos!

Sam maintained his foose ball winning streak.

And I found this on my phone on the google search - the reason we travel.
There is always something to learn!

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