Snacky Carrots!

Joe had Discovery Club snacks Wednesday night
and he LOVES cheese puffs - who doesn't?
We made some simple carrots since our assigned time
came around Easter!

Snack time is fast and furious but they were a great hit!

Family Sunday Night

I treasure a houseful.
We were missing a couple but had fun with those that could come 
and fill our home - my favorite!

We gathered for an impromptu Sunday night taco bar.
For someone so very tiny, he sure takes up a lot of attention.
He was in a very sweet mood and shared lots of smiles.

Graham has stolen all of our hearts including "Aunt" Taylor's.

That smile!

And Nana rocking her babe in Grandma Linda's rocking chair.

And entertainment provided my Joe and FarmLand.
Fun times, laughs and great memories.

We played FarmLand

This kid is a dreamer and doer  - is that word?
It describes Joe.
He has been working on creating board game
and Sunday afternoon he worked hard on getting it ready
for some gracious family members to try it out on Sunday night.
We talked out the design of the board and the what the numbers on the dice
would mean and the trivia questions would be - the danger path 
and safe path. 
Look at his logo he thought up- how stinking cute is that?

The planning stages and 'rule book'

 And finally playing FarmLand with family.  Certainly a TON of laughs and gracious players
who kinda rolled with the rule changes and gave great feedback.
Uncle Scott was simply hilarious when moving his horse - the players must make their animal noise when passing other players...and he also gave Joe a hard time when the rules were bent a bit.

He's got some additions/changes to work on and board design but 
I am very proud of him coming up with a concept and following it thru.