Sunday Well Spent

The rest of that FROG Sunday was spent at Grandma and Grandpas for Sunday lunch.
Grandpa great and Larry were there and there was a game of Rook before we headed outside.
DH had smoked some ribs and Grandma made all the fixings to finish it off.
And the sun was shining bright but it was cool in the shade.
DH laughed at his mom's blanket in September.
We sure do love our Grands and were happy to spend Grandparents day with them.

And that evening we headed up to the tennis courts
to play some family tennis.
No one wanted me to take pics.
But, I don't really care - someday they will love the memory that these pictures bring!

Everyone wanted to be my partner (ha).  

4th Grade Frogs!

September brings a new Sunday School year at church!
Sam moves on the Jr Youth group and I signed up to teach Joe's 4th grade Sunday School Group.
My season as Secretary has come to an end, but Dan will continue at treasurer at church.

I really settled into a routine teaching Sunday School last year and it helped me learn more and focus and further my devotions last year, so I was eager to tackle a new group this year.

I was looking for  a simple way to add some color to my room
and decided on this theme for the beginning of the year.
Introduced the 4th grade FROGS to our theme of Fully Relying on God.
We colored frogs and added our theme verse to them and had perfect space on the bulletin board, they each chose their own spot to display them.

And they had to guide each other to the board with the chosen person eyes closed writing a letter of the word Fortress so everyone could see it.
It was neat and they figured out they had to RELY on one another!

We had some giggles and shuffles and they got really good at it towards the end!

Love that  I get to spend the year with this FROG
and next up they have stated they want to be chickens - um ok, I'll work on that.
Looking forward to this spirited group and fully relying on where God leads us together this year!