Bombers World Series

USSSA {AA} World Series
Field of Dreams 
Noblesville, IN

We had played several USSSA tournaments this season and enjoyed their tourneys and we had qualified for their World Series tournament.  
The team and families arrived Thursday by 11 ready for a full weekend of fun.
First up was a parade of teams, it was fun seeing them out on the field.

There is our guy!
Sam and I had driven up just for the day because I needed to return for work on Friday and Saturday.
Sam was into this tournament and the activities going on, they were discussing teams here.

Then it was time to get out on the field, get the feel of their first turf infield

The skills competition was up next and while we didn't win any,
 we came away with tips for next year.

Around the Horn contest, we dropped the ball on throw from short to first...boo.
Joe got his part right!

And it was onto our first game at 4pm - Bombers played well and were up 7-1 
when ligtening was spotted and the forecast looked pretty grim.
And Sam and I and our wagon of stuff made it back to the steamy car
just in time for this.
So we waiting along with everyone else at the park until the games were called for the night
and then we left at the same time as everyone else, everyone - ha!
But really I was bummed because we were supposed to see 2 games and then drive home late.

Sent this {awful} but real life picture of us to Dan and Joe (who were stuck in the dugout),
after a full day of steamy baseball followed by getting wet
and then waiting in a steamy car -we were still happy.

And then we grabbed a burger before we headed home so we could wait out more storms and traffic.
Really, I could have skipped the burger but I wanted the kisses!
Sam and I headed home around 7:30 much earlier then we expected!
I was thankful for GameChanger and updates from Dan throughout the work day Friday.
And Uncle Will was following along on the app as well!

DH and Joe hung out the rest of the weekend together playing ball
and eating apparently.
This picture.
My word.
And they enjoyed an Indians game together

And the final day saw  our Bombers in 5th place in the state.
Not bad at all.
What a season we have had.
It has went fast.
We have made friends.
We have learned baseball
and life lessons, more life lessons.
It has been one to remember.
This one will be the "Remember that Bomber Season" tale that we will relive.
I love this picture and those 3 Loogootee guys turned baseball coaches that have shaped this team, looking forward to many more years of baseball.

Goggles Make Giggles

One favorite day this summer these two sweet babes came to swim.
Their mama and I ended up with a Monday off {together}, never happens.
So we pretended to play hookie, the legal kind
and enjoy a Monday afternoon swim!

They can touch the bottom now and swim so well with floaties.
And they loved Sam and Joe's goggles, which of course lead to giggles.

Love them, almost 4!


More Summer Days!

More summer days and it has been a hot and dry one for the most part means more pool days.
Blake pulled Sam in this day so he swam in his clothes. 
Many giggles from that.
We talked baby names and summer plans this day, cherish those times!
And the next day was spent with sis - Dan and the boys went fishing with the Memerings.
Morgan had a hair trial and turned her rings in to be put together {forever}

Sunday afternoon, Will and Jill came over after their vacation to Lake of the Ozarks.
Pax and Mason came after practice as well.
Love having a pool full!

Sam wouldn't leave Will alone and he is getting harder to handle, left them both laughing!

These 3 bomber musketeers. 
Good days, the best of summer!