Falling in Love with Baby C

Yesterday, we celebrated this expectant mama.
Doesn't she look like a radiant gal?
I mean look at those rosy cheeks!
Little sis did an awesome time planning this baby shower.
She made this sign and the banner for the backdrop.
Super Cute!
Lots of kids came to celebrate the babe!
Mama and Nana? We aren't sure what she will be called but for sure she is ready to be Grandma.

Cookies for Baby Graham Michael!
Grandma Lois made this sweet vege tray!
Blake wanted everything fall!
The Pinecones were fresh from Windom Hill {Morgan's Home}

We had Golden Apple Punch {delicious}
Equal parts white grape juice, apple juice, lemonade and ginger ale!

Blake and her friends all expecting at the same time!

Fall Golf

Sam has enjoyed a golf league this fall.
He practiced a few times and also played 2 matches.  DH was able to go to
both matches, I hope to make some in the spring this year.
He is also able to stop by the golf course and use the driving range -
we went by on Friday afternoon of Fall Break and enjoyed hitting a few balls.
Sam shared his bucket with Joe and we all hit around on the putting green.

I love this shot.

This guy.


History in Vincennes!

We headed over to Vincennes on Thursday to see some
of the historical stuff.  But, if we were headed to Vincennes we had to pick up
our favorite history buff friend, Tye!

We started at the George Rogers Clark Memorial.
There were excellent guides in the annex and in the memorial itself.
It has been forever since I had been there and a first for the boys.
These are the precious memories of these days that I want to remember forever.
Joe printed out each of these stops and stapled them together to make up
our agenda for the day.  We made it to 3 and subbed in a milkshake for the 4th stop,ha!
The river front is very pretty!  It was an overcast but perfect day!

We listened to the story on the headphones about the memorial

The guide was very nice and offered to take our picture.
And because we were so close, we drove to Illnois!
And back to see the memorial from the bridge, Sam snapped some pictures!
We grabbed lunch at Subway and then headed to Fort Knox.
There was not much remaining there, but would be neat 
as a site for reenactments!
Our final and FAVORITE stop was at the Wm.Henry Harrison Presidential Home.
This place was so very cool.
I learned so many facts about this president! 
The home was phenomenal - it's architecture and grandeur but yet a practical family home for 8-10 children!
If you have a chance to tour this home, please do!  I would go back again
and hear new facts I am sure!
My favorites: the walls are 4 bricks thick for protection, passageway from fancy home to common area, and the signature found on the wall that was left original...lastly shaking hand with the President as you exit (hardware is original)
It's name is Grouseland and I've never know why..
It was named for a game bird that was common to the area..the Grouse!