Darth Vader

We purchased a new van this past week.
It was a family affair.  We went on a rainy Saturday a week ago
and looked over all the options and they called us Monday with an option
and met our price on our trade in Vanzilla.
We will miss the good ol boy as we had a lot of fun times in the white van.
We are thankful for the miles of safety it provided us!
But, onward to Darth Vader - per Sam.
I said Darth Vandor.  
We will probably call it "The Van" - ha!

Boys were pretty excited and I am happy for the 8th seat,
come on and ride along!

LMS Golf || First Meet

Sam played with the LMS golf team at Paoli
in their first meet last week.
I thoroughly enjoyed the meet
and watching the progress
as we moved from hole to hole.

Had to catch his swing on the first shot!

I learned and will continue to learn at each meet
I can attend.  The rules and scoring and etiquette.

Yes, this is his look of patience at my 404th question.
He's gonna see if I can ride someone else's cart next time.

Overall, LMS golfers did great as a team.
Sam's score also counted toward the team total and win!

Supporting Each Other!

Spring has been full of family and we wouldn't have it any other way!
We've caught a couple of Jaelyn's softball games.
It's one of my favorite sports, love to watch!
This game she got some varsity tie and then hit 2 doubles
in the JV game!

The super duper cold fans.  Loyal and loud.
There is a video.
It is hilarious as she avoided a tag at 2nd base.  

And the next weekend our niece Blake rededicated her life to Jesus
and was baptized at her church.
we loved being there to support her.
Love her heart!

Cole might have been holding a pink purse.
All of our family was gathered there to support Blake!

These guys!