Saturday Morning at Home!

A rare Saturday morning at home, meant this boy brought me coffee in bed.
What a treat!!
And then, it begins...my crafter asks to craft.
And my baker asks to bake/cook. (and opens all the cabinets, eeks)
Grandma Grabers speciality-DH's favorite.  He calls them Rice Krispie Candy.

And he made snack mix like he has many times before.  But, he made to make
special treat bags for them to be served in!

Joe painted me a pumpkin
painted a drum and drum sticks.

DH was gone fishing with his friend Greg, came home 
with 3 fish but they were big ones and fed us lunch on Sunday.
I don't know why DH took this picture, but it is funny.

16 years.

9.9.16 marked 16 years of marriage.
We woke, wished each other a great day on our anniversary and headed off
to work and take kids to school.
I was surprised mid morning by these beauties.
They kept me smiling all day.
 I was like a giddy school girl.

And a bonus, he called and was bringing me lunch.
From Mill Street, not from a fast food joint.
It was like a real date.
So, I fancied up my work desk on the back of a discarded advertisement poster.
And squeezed in a little lunch time with my husband!

We were having fun and the farmer and the pharmer didn't take any pictures.
And a rainy Saturday afternoon cancelled our original plan of an IU football game,
so DH took the opportunity for a date!  Boys stayed with Grandma and Grandpa
and everyone was happy.

So blessed by these years.
So blessed to share them with this man.
So thankful for all they have included and hopeful for what is to come. 

Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay

We caught a glimpse of the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay last Tuesday evening.
 I happened to remember that the torch was going right past Williams Bros. 
It came down 231 and went East towards Shoals on HWY 50,
 I had DH drop the boys off just in time to see it.
We stepped outside to witness a little piece of history.

The torch has quite and entourage. 
As it passed us on a golf cart is was a little camouflaged amongst 
the parade of vehicles surrounding it.
Nonetheless, they boys soaked it all in.
Also, turns out DH had run into the entourage earlier in the day
out on the country roads as it headed thru Daviess County.
He complained bemuse he thought it was an oversize load or something.
Ha, he realized it was the torch when he saw the police motorcycles!

My pics are not much, but the boys watched intently.

Little piece of history.


Soccer Season 16

Soccer time has arrived again.
I know VERY little about soccer
 It is my favorite sport to watch as a mama.
Favorite because, as I see it, my kids are doing awesome just being on the field. 
 I don't know where they are supposed to be if they are out of position,
We don't have refs/umps really, so they don't miss calls (ha).
And, being a basketball/baseball area...I am not alone. 
 So, most of the parents watch our kids in oblivion and enjoy.  The way it should be.
  It has to be the best for the kids, too.  

1st practice, Sam in white by the goal.
Sam's 1st game.
Playing as goalie, he defended several, but they did score 1.

And cousin Drew is on Sam's team, love it when that happens.  He defended 2 penalty kicks against his best bud Isaac. This was in Sam's second game, which happened before Joe's 1st game.

Finally, Joe's turn.  A couple of his buddies are on the team this year.

Joe's turn as goalie.  Proud of these boys.


New Goals

Indiana boys must have a basketball goal.
Our last goal bit the dust on a strong storm we had.
And after we got over being sad (and deciding we might use the backboard inside)
we found a replacement.
It took a few days of persistence on DH's part, but he had the boys with him
teaching him the parts.
I took the pictures from inside because no of them appreciated my taking pictures (and not helping,ha)

Finally backboard time, but it was dark by the time we finished
and there was school the next day.  But, DH came home at lunch the next day to string the net.
And, after school our basketball loving boy
was back in action.

He has some new goals now.
40 shots like Joe's 40 catches.  Last 10 must be makes.
Passing drills and dribbling also part of the daily work.