16 years.

9.9.16 marked 16 years of marriage.
We woke, wished each other a great day on our anniversary and headed off
to work and take kids to school.
I was surprised mid morning by these beauties.
They kept me smiling all day.
 I was like a giddy school girl.

And a bonus, he called and was bringing me lunch.
From Mill Street, not from a fast food joint.
It was like a real date.
So, I fancied up my work desk on the back of a discarded advertisement poster.
And squeezed in a little lunch time with my husband!

We were having fun and the farmer and the pharmer didn't take any pictures.
And a rainy Saturday afternoon cancelled our original plan of an IU football game,
so DH took the opportunity for a date!  Boys stayed with Grandma and Grandpa
and everyone was happy.

So blessed by these years.
So blessed to share them with this man.
So thankful for all they have included and hopeful for what is to come.