Indy Weekend: Colts Game

Back to our regularly scheduled blog...laugh out loud.
I love the way life happens around here and it is so full
that blogging takes a back seat.
But, then I remember that little boy laying on his bedroom
flooring laughing and soaking up his childhood...and so I strive to get caught back up.

Our Indy Weekend came about because our friends let us us their Colts tickets...
so off to the game we went.
We most always arrive early, so fun to take in all the action around us.
The warm ups on the field, the vendors, pre game music, and the people!

Look at our lovely family enjoying the game..oh and the child who does
not like photos right now.  I am going to keep on snapping, surely he will
grow out of that!
Daddy snapped this one, love my little man.
The pregame show is fun!

Now we have a smile, likely because he is in a nacho coma

I might have come just for a few bites of Joe's cotton candy {wink}

Since it was a preseason game, many seats were empty.
We snuck down close to the field in the 3rd quarter.
It was fun to be close to the action

I was enjoying the cheerleaders, they were working hard.
Dan said, their hair isn't as poofy as in the book...and I said it's because they have been jumping the whole game!
We wrapped up our night with their 1st ever taxi cab.
Smiles all around...and it was totally worth our friendly driver and 6 dollar fare.
At the end of a long day it was spitting rain again!

Back in our hotel, we enjoyed our view of the circle.
It did not disappoint my romantic idea of how it would appear from our hotel room.