Thoughts on 40

This year (same day as Joey D) I celebrated my 40th birthday!
A favorite customer of mine brought me this coffee cup and cane.
But his handwritten card was my favorite part. {BH} his initials for me
as I look back on this post in years to come.

Dear Friend Allison got me this cross - since I spend much time at WB, I hung it right where
I would see it almost daily!

And Blakey brought me what has become my favorite coffee mug.
Love that. Love her

And Sister Jill stopped by with Drew and Jaelyn and brought me
an angel food cake, yum!

Some say 40 is just another day. Not true, really - some are not afforded a 40th birthday.
So many good things have happened that added up to 40 years.
Things have been taken away and dreams have changed that added up to me appreciating each and every of the 40 years.  We have a happy healthy marriage and kids - and even better extended family.
I hope I earn another 40 to go with the first 40.