Loving the Everyday

They won't let me take a picture every day of this school year,
 but Sam did not say no, so I took advantage of that.
In his KD shirt (Kevin Durant, NBA) and Air Jordan Shirt and SC shoes, all NBA all the time.

And this guy was PUMPED because Great Aunt Peggy sent home
a birthday card for Joe, he wanted to go to Walmart, never mind school.

I REALLY miss my boys when they are gone to school, especially those first few
shifts that I am home from work and my boys are away.
I took some time in each of their rooms, praying for each one of them and their specific needs.

I took advantage of the day around home,  blessed to unpack
all the canned goods from Grandma Jean into our cabinets.

We get a little credit this year for the peaches and salsa {wink}

And because there is always a project going around here,
helping Miss Mo with a new vanity, put some coats of paint on this gem.

Washed AND Dried this, you're welcome DH.
I thought the dryer sounded loud from the basement.

Exercised and Floated around in here, but it was way to calm, boo.

And then it was time for workflow - picked up a shift to cover Monday night, needed to ease back into work after surgery last week.  It worked out great except I missed picking up my babes from their second day of school

Joe had ninja training so...DH brought them by to see me.
Second day of school had Joe beat, sweet boy was taking a nap

We grabbed a sweet trip at Scoops, our first trip this year, after work and Ninja

And keep it real, I felt 40 this week, my foot has been driving me crazy...
planter faciaitis drives me crazy.
This 11 hour shift - I tried taping technique from Christine and Morgan and two insoles.
Called my brother, Will, in for reinforcements.
And went to visit DH umpiring for a softball game