Bible Memory Camp 2016

Last week DH took these boys to Bible Memory Camp at Camp Indicoso.
Sam had been before, it was Joe's first year.
But, both were packed a week ahead of time and never looked back.
I love that we have raised them to have that security and independence.
Credit to DH there, I could reel that in more often than not.
I would not have had the independence at their age!
Both had some other buddies there from church and school and cousins, too, 
that made the transition smoother.
Oh, and did I mention, Grandma cooks  - so while their interaction is small, they do
get to see her smiling face 3 times a day!
The boys also worked hard to get here.
Over the winter, they learned verses to pay their way here.
They do 12 lessons from the bible and memorize 32 verses (16 at a time) in order
to come, and the church will purchase their campership.
What a reward!

His first bunk at bible memory camp, I knew this would be super important for him.
Age 9 - Camp Indicoso. 
This boy really connected at camp.
His best story: His counselor, Hannah, prayed with him at campfire saying that he certainly was good at talking (wink) and she hoped someday he could use that gift to spread God's word, either thru missions or as a preacher.
He came home asking about both.
Love that.

This was the picture Aunt Shannon captured, best we could do with boys,
she did better than I did (below)
Sam, Connor S, Isaac W, and Tyson!

I was able to make the trek up on Thursday to pick up some
boys (and their stinky belongings)

I got there just after Joe did a talent of twirling a stick to music for the crowd.
I didn't know there was a talent show, boo.
But, I heard the tales and I am sure he wowed the crowd, lol.
The group really sang their hearts out to the worship songs.

Sam's team won the team challenge, he was pumped.
They pink team was in first until after the bible memory verse challenge
and his team took the lead because they all said their verses.
What a great reinforcement for putting God's word in your heart.

Heading back to camp to get our stuff from the week.
Their cabins were deep in the woods for sure, what a trek.

And I learned that they did this during the week.
Not surprised.

These boys, my heart - was glad to pick them up
hear all their stories on the way home.
Isaac and Connor were with us as well.
I am telling you, I heard it all!
Especially who made the best fake fart noises at bedtime. {cousin Tyson}
How to skip showers
Polar Plunge swim was not worth it, sleep was more important
There was poison ivy
bugs that liked to bite.
Campfire was great, but long sometimes and they wanted to sleep
They were, for sure, up until 2am one night, they saw the clock.
They learned a lot of verses
The food was amazing, and they could sneak a second cookie if they tried
they didn't tell me, but their counselors must be saints...
They are coming back next year

My second grader and his 1st year at Bible Memory Camp.
He loved his cabinmates and counselor,
he can't wait to return!

And mama was left with this- it smelled Wonderful... Yuck.