Sweet Summer Friday

We enjoyed this Summer Friday to its fullest!
I have enjoyed my first summer of having Fridays off every other week.
This one started slow with a summer rain.
We have seen more rain this summer compared to other years.
Our grass is still green, so are the weeds!

Enjoyed my new found spot (thanks to our 7sleep friends) with some black coffee!

Joe went with DH to the farm to finish up some work pouring concrete
but they found a sloppy mess and were trying to get mud out of the forms
when Joe lost his boot in the muck, lol.

I made one of my summer favorites for lunch.
BLTs? You bet.
And cucumbers from our postage stamp garden.
And the boys both chose a friend to invite over.
As soon as we got home, they began looking for the new kitty, Speedy GG>
Joe's friend Tye will be moving this year, so he his making the most of their
time together!  He set up his table and his battle guys because Tye love battle guys...
according to Joe.

These boys were wound up! It was crummy outside - Sam and his friend Brandon
played some xbox, but kept wanting to torment Joe and his buddy...it was mutual.

DH came home from the farm mid afternoon due to the rain, so we took the yahoos
to see Ice Age (like the 5th sequel, ha) in 3D.
I think we had done one other 3D movie when the kids were much younger - 

Joe wanted to get Tye a small going away gift.
Joe will miss Tye a ton, great friends.

He chose a pen pal kit. He is hoping Tye will write him letters.
Joe LOVES mail!

Brandon hung around while his brother was playing a baseball game,
so we had one of our own and did some swimming
since the rain was finally over!

And these three "went hard" - we hear our boys say this all the time when they have tried hard at something, lol.  They were battling in the pool, look at those smiles, though.