Ninja Joey D Bomber

Meet Ninja JoeyDBomber
We signed Joe up for some Ninja training classes for his birthday.
We wrapped up his new shirt and ninja bandanna.

He was pumped.  Could not imagine what he would learn.
Could not wait to find out either,
I am glad he only knew for 1/2 hour before we went.
100 questions and what ifs!!!

Meeting Ninja Joe, his Sensei.

After warm ups on the mat,
they did some balance board, trampoline and push ups or rope climb.

He did really well scaling the wall up to the bar and transferring across those hanging bars.
He kept his energy high.
Loved watching him.

Reading his ninja creed, it's hanging on our wall now.
That smile. 
After a quick bite to eat and on the way home.
Used up all his ninja skills.
He cannot wait until next session.