Saturday Night Laughter

Saturday night | This group | I laughed until my sides hurt.

We met at work at left after the Saturday shift,
we did some wine tasting at the French Lick Winery...to the sum of this much wine.

I tell you what, I am so blessed by this group.
I spend much time with these ladies...as many waking hours as I spend with family.
We get each other. I am grateful for each one of them and they make my job SO much better.
It was fun to take time away for our summer outing.

We explored at the dome and French Lick Hotel
Took Senior Pics
And went to the casino where the most excitement came from 
a broken flip flop 
Rode the trolley between the hotels
Oh the laughter and broken shoes and banana spLIT
working with a great group
makes every day something to look forward to - 
of course, the stories spilled over into Monday morning
and we have been laughing ever since.