Carvin' Pumpkins

We spent friday night pumpkin carving. 
The boys loved it, enjoyed creating their faces, digging out the guts
and especially lightening them up!

Daddy and Joe worked together mostly
while Sam and I dug out guts together!

We started just as the St. Louis Cardinals were beginning
game 7 of the WORLD SERIES.
Proud to report they are now CHAMPIONS 2011~

Oh what fun!


Mechanic anyone?

Anyone for a mechanic?
P.S.  The bike is not broken
I have no idea what the hats were all about.

Lions-Cards Fans!

We are rooting for two our our favorite teams this weekend!
Go Loogootee Lion Volleyball
Great regional win...we believe...capture the semi-state title!
How about those St. Louis Cardinals!!!!
Walk off home run, bottom of the 13th...
Let's capture the WORLD SERIES title 2011


Preschool Halloween III

Today was a special day for our little boxer.
He was excited to go to preschool and wear his new costume.
All smiles and so cute when it was time to sing their Halloween songs.
He also lead the Halloween parade!

Koen kept calling Joe his sidekick.  Koen thought Joe would wear Batman costume, but
this mama didn't get the memo..bummer...sorry Koey man!

Joe and his best Preschool buddies..Koen and AJ.
I'm a little bummed that these boys are both a year older than Joe, I am sure
that God will provide Joe some sweet boys his age to pal with, but he sure likes these boys too!


Happy Birthday DH

Happy Birthday DH!!!!
Here's to a St. Louis World Series win...
(and we could throw in a Loogootee Lion volleyball
regional title)

Choosing Well...

“A wise person chooses the right road…” Ecclesiastes 10:2a (NLT)

Daily devotion for today could have been written for me!  Don't you love it when your devotions hit home like that?  It is reassuring that we serve a God that allows us to choose well.


T.P. pretzels...

We set out to make mummy pretzels...we ended up with a unique creation T.P pretzels (as in toilet paper, cause they kinda look like the mess left if you get TP'd).

We did everything right, I had the cute assistant who lined up all the pretzels

while I made the cute halloween basket (from supplies on hand)

and melted the chocolate...

But then when we went to pour it (or drizzle it from a notched out corner of a ziplock)...even added a little oil..it would not drizzle. Grrr, and to top it off we couldn't put the eyes on fast enough and they fell to the middle

It was and epic fail
except this one.
Just right.

But anyway it was LOL for us and then we decided to add some milk chocolate to the yummy goodness
and not tell anyone about our mess up...until we thought of a funny name for them.
So enter our TP'd pretzels!

Oh and we're not closing up the pharmacy anytime soon to start our dessert shop {boo}


Fall Break - Day 4&5

We enjoyed a spirit filled church service yesterday morning and
a yummy lunch at Grandma's house.  Grandpa got out the kites in the afternoon
for the grandkids to fly.  It was perfecly windy and their freshly farmed wide open fields
were perfect for flying!

Dryce made a homemade kite from string and paper, it would whip around behind him.

We lost one kite when the line it was flying on snapped, the wind carried it across
the highway and into a tree.

We hung out at home last night and played Sorry! and Sorry!Sliders and watched Charlie Brown, The Great Pumpkin.

Had a full and fun day it Evansville today with my boys, Blake and Polly, Morgan and her friend Sarah.

What a full fun break, just what this mama needed, time off work, but at home.
Now I must go back to work to rest up!

Fall Break-Day 3

What a great day!  So full of friends, family, {shopping} and fun!
I was invited to Covered Bridge (with Kia) and dearly wanted to go, but DH was farming
and that meant leaving my 2 sweeties all day and part of the evening...so I opted to stay closer
and went to the craft fair at Jasper.  It had been 5 years or more since I've been to either, so we had
a lot of fun at the craft fair, I heard some say it was small, but had enough for us to see!
We ate lunch at Norm's, it was yummy fresh wraps salads...DH would call that fru, fru.

While my skinny peeps dined on ice cream and cookies from the Jasper Bakery next door, I enjoyed my peach mango tea.  My latest obession...yummy!

And who do I know that would buy 7 cookies and taste each one...then decide to go back for 5 more.

Yes, she is the one.  Allison is crazy I tell ya, crazy, but I love it...gonna be like that one day!

And A and I tried to make mummy pretzels...it was an EPIC fail, more on that later.

My babies spent all day with DH and Gma and Gpa at the farm.  Know they had a great time, but Im sad I don't have any farming pictures this fall.
We headed to a family party at my cousin's house. I took my 2 superheros while DH finished farming.

This girl is a complete hoot.  Has a 'touch' of her Grandma Ilene in her I think.
Loved it Kendall!

Ethan and Morgan

My favorite part of the night was my Aunt Cindy and her granddaughter Ella singing
Dust on the Bible.  It was sooooo sweet.

And then the teens started to teach some dance moves
including "The Bernie"...Aunt Ilene was awesome at it, told ya i knew where Kendall got it!

Seriously had a great day.  So much fun. 


Fall Break - Day2

We met our friend and aaamazhing photographer Shelly for some fall farm pics.
I just snapped a couple from the sidelines to add to my blog.
I am hoping to get some sweet shots, the boys really did well, had fun with all the probs (ie, tractors, combines, corn) at the farm!
We met DH in Odon for lunch, it was super windy, but the boys didn't mind and played at the park awhile.  I'm sure it is the angle, but Mr Joe looks so tiny here, love it!  Wish he were so small again!

We drove over I69 or actually on it on the way to daddy's store.  He let each of the boys choose a toy, sweet green John Deere toys, made some happy boys!

Since blogger is kinda giving me fits, I decided not to wrestle the order of the upload and leave these sweet pics

Snuck in a quick craft.  It was bead work, Sam was superpatient making his spider, but
I must admit I was lucky to make most of Joe's bat!

We topped our night off at the movies.
Grandma joined the boys in Dolphin Tale, while DH and I saw Courageous.  Super good movie, would love to see it again, very thought and heart provoking!