Frosty Girls

Last night my niece Blake came over to spend the night. She was bored after her 4 snow day in a row (and probably in need of a little cash), so she offered to watch the boys today. Made my day thinking that the boys don't have to get out early in the cold...
I tried to get her to take a swim in the pool with me. Oh, I forgot it is under 10 inches of snow...instead we sat in the hot tub. And toasty warm it was. We decided that hats and scarves were a must. I love spending time with family, and one on one time is best.


My Misters

Mr. Happy looking up to Mr. Mischeif

These pics make me laugh out loud. For those of you who can hear Sam's infectious laugh, it was in full force in the pics

And Mr Happy - although I think the descriptions on the shirts were reversed...

Just at Home

A warm way to play with the snow! Mama trucked in several big dishes of snow from the front lawn to play with in the bathtub. Joe wasn't sure at first, but Sam remembered doing this last spring and loved it. We made snowmen and snow castles but just in time for Sam to crush them with a spoon...

Joe started to warm up a little, then he decided to eat it. This began an all out fun time, Sam's chin was red by the time he got done eating it. I know, I know, pollution, etc, but I ate snow when I was little and I am still here.

Just a pic for myself to remember that both boys do sit still at the same time, even if just for a small while.

Pretty sure Joe's shirt should have said Mr. Mischeif after he unrolled almost the enitre roll of TP in two rooms...

enough said, no TP or Kleenex are safe sitting around our home.

Snow Much Fun!

I love to look at snow, play in snow, but please don't make me drive in snow. So, when our biggest snowstorm in a few years blanketed us over the last couple of days and DH gave me a ride to work both days...my spirits have been high! All the joys of snow with no anxiety.
Mama and her boys after work last night, I couldn't wait to get out in the snow. The little boys agreed until of course we were actually in it. The big boy just wanted a 4 wheeler to make tracks in the snow and wreck my perfect view from the house-the 4 wheeler didn't come...

I think that may be a tear about to freeze out of Joe's eye. Poor guy, never made a sound as mama bundled him up inside in a snowsuit 3 sizes too big, but one step outside and he let it rip. He did not like it.

Sam was trying to help Joe feel better, pulling him out of the snow.

Mama and Sam liked the snow. I made him a snow angel and he loved it. I will refrain from showing you the size of it..kinda like plus-size snow angel.

There's your confirmation. He did not like it.

Still trying...maybe next year?

Daddy and the boys went inside to start supper. Since our mailbox is snowed in, I walked down to get the mail to this view. It was so peaceful. There was a state of emergency in the county so no one was out.

I made it to the box, grabbed the mail and headed back, it was cold!

Looks warm and cozy!

And even better my family inside. Thanks DH (dear hubby)for working around our home yesterday while I worked. It was spic and span when I got home, and now we are enjoyed mama's day off! I hear mickey mouse clubhouse in the background...

Thank you God for the blesssing you bestow on us,for family and safety, and for changes in weather that remind us of warmer days to come!


Girls Nite In

Last night we had a girls nite in to watch a movie and Miss America together. It was a blast...
Before the partygoers came Morgan, Sam and Joe sorting our change and put all our silver in a baby bottle for a local pregnanacy center. Sam was proud to take it to church this morning.

Morgan made some snack mix with the kids. It had cornpops, pretzels, candy hearts, and carmel corn. Joe just wanted to eat his hearts.

We had some party crashers, my brother and nephew stopped by, they just wanted in on the fun. Well, actually, the food.

Then it was off the watch 27 dresses while we recorded the padget. Was that ever the way to go! We loved it, enjoyed the movie and watched the important parts of the padget. We tried to lock the kids in the toy room...or was it their store that they kept inviting us to shop at...

But in the end, they got out and we did fingernails. Dan came home before the padget was over so he was rooting with us. We tried to convince him that we had painted Sam's nails, but he didn't believe it for a second. And who won the padget? Our very own MISS INDIANA...whoop, whoop!

It was a great night of impromptu girls fun. Since I went to get Morgan at 4pm to help me get goodies and make them, she kept coming up with more stuff we could do. Needless to say we didn't get it all in, may have to do it more often! Yeah for Miss Indiana, you go homegirl (hee, hee).

Good Luck Flowers

Sam and Joe (with the help of Grandma) brought mama flowers Friday at work. I was very excited about the flowers and even more excited to see my boys midday! Sam wanted yellow flowers in the bouquet so the lady took them out of another arrangement for him. Before they left the store, he wanted the yellow flowers, so he took them with him. He beamed from ear to ear as he handed them to me, I hope to never forget this face. The first week at our new pharmacy was very successful, I feel as though I am already building relationships with my patients. Several kind folks welcomed us to town.


A successful opening!

Thanks to all for your thoughts and well wishes! We at WB have been thought of so many times by new friends and old friends this week! It has been such a blessing. Even people I meet on the street have asked how the opening went....well, it has gone very well! The owners are happy and so are the customers, that is what matters most! My staff is top notch, could only have been better if I brought my entire old staff with me...
And the boys, you ask...they are good too! Daddy took them for haircuts tonight and they look like handsome little men, don't you think?


Week In Review

Today: We picked up Blake and went to Wal-Mart for a shopping trip. We needed a bunch of stuff. Blake made the trip a lot of fun because she had on slick boots, as she slid down the aisles, the boys laughed out loud. She and Dan insisted that we use the self-check out...I do not like those things!! We dropped off the boys and Blake and I went into work to finish up, we are ready to open on Monday morning!

Mon - Fri: I spent the week at the store putting on the finishing touches, what do you think? We set several displays and priced everything. Towards the end of the week we got excited to open!

Tuesday: Sam loves to put gel in his hair, I asked what he was doing and he said 'gellin'.

It seems like the last time I blogged, one week ago, was forever ago. So much happens in one week. I am thankful that most weeks I can blog more often, because I don't want to miss any details of this life God has chosen for us. Over the course of this week Joe started to feel much better and this makes the whole house happier! Even though Dan and I worked all week, we packed a lot into the evenings! Monday we went to watch our niece Morgan cheer at her 8th grade game. Tuesday night Blake and I worked late at the store. Wednesday night Dan went to youth group while the boys and I stayed home b/c it was sooooo cold. I did my first radio commercial on Thurs. afternoon, so if you're local, listen up! Thursday night Dan made us fresh pork chops then left to referee a basketball game. Oh and on that note, Dan emailed me Friday about the bacon post, he thought it was funny, but wanted me to give him "props for the chops" that he made us for dinner! Last night we had date night with Brent and Melissa. We had a nice evening without the kids for dinner and a movie. It seems like the time flies by, so glad we are lovin it! Wish me luck and God speed on Monday for our pharmacy opening!


DH's bacon

DH did a normal thing for us folks that grew up on a farm. He helped butcher a pig at their farm yesterday. I have been many times to help, but wasn't too sad that the boys couldn't be out in the weather. I will spare you the pics, but DH was so proud to say that he had brought home the bacon, literally. And it made for an unplanned evening of fun.
We had breakfast for supper and the boys ate like hogs (hee, hee). Sam was proud to bring the waffles to the table (no, not home grown...just Eggo)

DH aka Daddy cooking real eggs from real chickens (this saying goes back to my college days when my roomie came to visit and was excited by this thought), sausage and bacon. The bacon wasn't my favorite as it was uncured, tasted more like strips of pork...bring on the cured stuff for me. We are blessed to have such yummy and unprocessed food for our family. Don't plan on checking our cholesterol this week though...

The boys enjoyed coloring while DH cooked supper

We ate then played with this cool puzzle that is 6 feet long with tons of animals. Thanks Christine for letting us play with it.

Joe is feeling better and since we have been under practical quarantine at home is figuring out some of his toys. I feel like I have replaced enough batteries to fuel a power plant. He loves this ride on toy. It was a gift for Sam a few years ago from Brent and Melissa.

How come I can't ride on this one, mama?

And the kicker for the evening...DH replaced some lightbulbs, much needed. We even stayed up late, I think because it was so light in our house..hee,hee.


Saturday Night

Since we don't have any plans for tonight, I thought I would show you the fun we had last Saturday night! Our friends Tommy and Nakia and ML came over to play. We had a lot of fun and it got really loud, espcially since the guys were trying to watch their COLTS game (sorry it didn't turn out so well?!?). We ate taco soup and had DQ ice cream cake and laughed the night away!


More News on Joe

Well, little ones can go from bad to better to bad in a matter of hours. Last night we decided that Joe needed to be seen again. This time I paged our pediatrician, a partner was on call so we took Joe down to be seen at 8pm last night. Long story short he has RSV. Yep, we tested for this Sunday night, but it was negative. The hospital was full, so Dr. K sent us back home. She gave us an arsneal of info and we called with a follow up this morning. The hardest part is that we are doing so little for him. No breathing treatments, no steroids, no antihistamine...just fluids, and a whole lotta love. This little man is strong enough to fight this off, I am sure...I am just used to leaning on meds as a crutch. A lot of feelings are running through my mind, foremost is irresponsibility. In a way, I feel like I failed Joe. How could I let him get so sick? But, last night he rested OK (between the coughing)and this morning after his bath he is perky as ever. I will just give him 14 baths today if needed to keep him going...

Before our bath...

And after...a little warm steamy water always makes things better.



I have worked for a great company for 6.5 years. I have had a great job and really liked my job since I began with the company, I love the people I work with...so why would I make a change? Well, they made me a better offer. I will be managing a pharmacy in my hometown, closer to home...with better hours. Now, of course I am estatic and the opportunity to serve my hometown, a town I really love. I am thrilled to be home every evening with my family and off every Sunday. I won't have a drive to work, and I will still get to work with great people. But, I have friends ,not just coworkers, that I won't see almost everyday anymore. I am saddened by this. This change for me is bittersweet.

God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

We have been working hard at our new store by cleaning, setting displays - yep, see those red totes, we unloaded and unpacked 350 of those yesterday, and tomorrow - we will set those empty white shelves with almost 1000 drugs...in some assemblance of order. There are a lot of unknowns with my new job. I feel prepared to manage this location, this company has given me the confidence to do this. And by God's grace, this change will become a place where I can make new friends and serve new patients!