Sun -days!

Sunday brought a great Sunday School Lesson for my 5th grade class.
I used the big rock (Jesus prayer devotions) vs small rocks (tv,tech, phones, etc)
lesson and how we must prioritize our day in order to fit in the important things.
It stuck with them, we talked about it again this week - I'll leave the visual there for a few weeks!

The day was full and blessed!

I was able to see Joe play both games today~usually split and in different towns.  Since DH helps coach it doesn't work for me to see big Joe.  He is such a hustler.  His legs go and go!

Playing in the historic JFK gym.

Free throws - he got close on one, not so much on the other~

DH coaching since their season coach was still on Fall Break.
This team has improved since last year.
It has been rough going on the win loss record - but this week (one week after these pics) we got our first win over North Knox!

Sam's team also did great winning their games.  Playing at the old St John's gym - now Lee's gym.

Harvest Homecoming.

Saturday was full of everyday moments that add up to our life!

I gathered these sticks from the yard as inspiration for Miss Morgan's wedding.

Joe had practice at JBA - DH was still in the field so Noah agreed to run
practice  - other coaches were still on fall break.

My summer petunias and fall mum were on point so a picture was in order!

Sam had practice, too. I finished all the laundry - yahoo!
DH sent a text that he thought they may finish up - so the boys and I began to plan harvest homecoming!

We stirred up a chocolate cake with chocolate icing

And we got out the real Fiesta dishes with a little harvest decor (top of the grass from outside, lol)

We had chicken strips and fried potatoes with peppers and onions.

We enjoyed the meal and DH thanked us and then informed us that they did not finish up!
Monday rolled around and he was back out in the field again...I told him I would let his boss (dad) know that we had already had Harvest Homecoming - but alas they did finish Monday.

Fall Break 16 - AppleAcres

Our last stop on Fall Break day trips was Apple Acres.
I remember coming here on field trips as a kid. The last time we brought the boys here, we also had the church youth group with us.
The orchard was nearing the end of apple season so golden apples were left for us to pick.
They were in plenty!

Dan becomes headless looking for the best apple!

At this point, I begin telling the boys to put one more apple in the bag
while Dan trails off the path, I'm all like Dan..you need more in your bag - he quickly informed me that we were paying by the pound. 

Love these people.

And then, my fruit eater could not take it any longer.
He took a giant bite.  Silly guy.

Their packaging stations - love the vintage (it has always worked) stations!

And we topped off our visit with an AppleCider Cherry Milkshake -yum.
So refreshing and original - flavor is one of a kind.

A pic for Blake and Noah cause the shakes are their favorite~

He found the samples. Yum.


Fall Break 16- Blue Spring Caverns

Big Joe has been waiting since his birthday to purchase a Robot.

Meet MiP - the cats were going crazy outside the window.
He is pretty cool

We woke up early Friday and headed to Bedford to enjoy some cave exploring.
This song came on the radio and had us all in great spirits!

We sent daddy this selfie and he replied with a - hey, it is too wet to farm today..
I can join you - hooray!  
We were booked for a cave tour, so we went ahead on our scheduled tour and then 
he joined us afterward.

The "tiny" cave entrance from up above.
Do you think these boys of mine will regret all the silly faces they give me right now for pics?

We walked down the steep decent into the cave (and knew we would have to climb back out, lol)

We learned that this cave was discovered deep under an farmer's pond in the 1940s when a farmer came out to find his pond gone and a tiny opening in the very bottom.
He boarded it up for safety until the 60-70s when they started exploring.
Very cool history.

We set off on our boat tour.  
It was a cool 59 degrees in there and very damp.

A part of the cave we could touch, a low ceiling just above our boat.
We say white blind fish and crawdads, cave formations, shallow and deeper waters, channels narrow and wide - complete darkness and heard cave thunder.

And when we got back up on top - DH was there.
He helped us with some gem mining.

I do not remember ever going to this gem before.  I loved this cavern (and SO close to home).
Very cool, would go again!