Harvest Time

This year harvest days have been long.
So long that I taught myself how to run the zero turn.
Our yard was beginning to look like it needed a harvest of it's own...
And it certainly wasn't perfect, but it was better than before!!
We made it out for an afternoon of harvest after school a couple weeks ago.
The boys have gotten several rides this year. I'm a little jealous of the buddy seat.
Uncle Ed, Uncle Larry and big Joe.  This was the day that Uncle Ed sat in the van with us for a bit in between rides and told Joe that he needed him to know how big home plate was in Little League, High School and Major League.  This past Sunday a home plate was up on the alter and Joe was ready.  Ed's sermon was about the plate being the same in all leagues, when a player has trouble throwing strikes we can't make it bigger than 17 inches.  We have been given God's word, we can't change it to fit our circumstances.  Both boys paid attention the whole morning.  
Larry always runs the tractors and wagons full of grain back to the farm.

DH checking to make sure the corn is loaded in the semi evenly.
And the neighbors headed to harvest as well!