Sun -days!

Sunday brought a great Sunday School Lesson for my 5th grade class.
I used the big rock (Jesus prayer devotions) vs small rocks (tv,tech, phones, etc)
lesson and how we must prioritize our day in order to fit in the important things.
It stuck with them, we talked about it again this week - I'll leave the visual there for a few weeks!

The day was full and blessed!

I was able to see Joe play both games today~usually split and in different towns.  Since DH helps coach it doesn't work for me to see big Joe.  He is such a hustler.  His legs go and go!

Playing in the historic JFK gym.

Free throws - he got close on one, not so much on the other~

DH coaching since their season coach was still on Fall Break.
This team has improved since last year.
It has been rough going on the win loss record - but this week (one week after these pics) we got our first win over North Knox!

Sam's team also did great winning their games.  Playing at the old St John's gym - now Lee's gym.