Fall Break 16- Blue Spring Caverns

Big Joe has been waiting since his birthday to purchase a Robot.

Meet MiP - the cats were going crazy outside the window.
He is pretty cool

We woke up early Friday and headed to Bedford to enjoy some cave exploring.
This song came on the radio and had us all in great spirits!

We sent daddy this selfie and he replied with a - hey, it is too wet to farm today..
I can join you - hooray!  
We were booked for a cave tour, so we went ahead on our scheduled tour and then 
he joined us afterward.

The "tiny" cave entrance from up above.
Do you think these boys of mine will regret all the silly faces they give me right now for pics?

We walked down the steep decent into the cave (and knew we would have to climb back out, lol)

We learned that this cave was discovered deep under an farmer's pond in the 1940s when a farmer came out to find his pond gone and a tiny opening in the very bottom.
He boarded it up for safety until the 60-70s when they started exploring.
Very cool history.

We set off on our boat tour.  
It was a cool 59 degrees in there and very damp.

A part of the cave we could touch, a low ceiling just above our boat.
We say white blind fish and crawdads, cave formations, shallow and deeper waters, channels narrow and wide - complete darkness and heard cave thunder.

And when we got back up on top - DH was there.
He helped us with some gem mining.

I do not remember ever going to this gem before.  I loved this cavern (and SO close to home).
Very cool, would go again!