Bomber Weekend.

The last weekend in September was the end of the fall Bombers season.
We were slated to play locally but that tourney was cancelled so off to Clarksville they went.
Playing late Saturday and early Sunday meant that DH and Joe stayed for the weekend.
Since I worked on Saturday, Sam and I stayed home and I picked him up from Grandmas!
The road to Paoli/Clarksville gets Joe every time - no different today.
He gets to feeling blue and then falls asleep.  Does not occur on any other road!

Sam chose pizza and movies in the basement - after work, sounded good to me!
Joe was playing ball and swimming in the hotel pool - having a grand ol' time.

He also put together a new lego set.
This boy can get that done in record time

Sunday whites, ready in the hotel room.

And we were church ready back at home.

Some one was braggin about their lunch...

We aren't used to being apart for the weekend, boys were happy when we were all back home on Sunday night!