More Bingo fun and Museum Day!

We had fun with friends last night.
We enjoyed some yummy lasagna, oh my, it hit the spot!
And then played some fun bingo
we decided we probably wouldn't be invited
to a real bingo hall, but we had more fun for sure!

And then the mamas spent some top secret time working on a special
fall break trip for boys!

And today after a great message from a friend at church today,
 we headed to meet my friend Toni, her son Eli and
her mama Kathy at the WonderLab.
It's a great half way point and all 3 boys loved it today

Sam made it to the super tip top of the
climb today, much farther than the last time!

And we didn't have to worry about what DH would
do all day.  He kept himself entertained.

Sam also figured out how to make some awesome big bubbles
and then my brave boy touched a snake...yuck!


Mom's Marbles Reminded Me

Today has been a heartwarming, soul satisfying kind of day.
I had seen an idea for marble painting (more later),
so I got my jar of marbles out.
Well, my mom's marbles.  She really liked them, some were from
her childhood and some were from our childhood games.
They were always in this jar in our family room.
It made me really miss her today.
But I spent the day doing the things she would have done,
with a little internet love sprinkled in (I think she would love pinterest, too)

Our first attempt at marble painting reminded me that making
moments we have together count is really important

arranging a fun special snack of oranges, fruit leather, raisins, and oreos
for my boys, reminded me that showing them love like this can
make even the most ordinary taste extraordinary

arranging our mantle for spring reminded me of my mom's special bay window
that she decorated for every holiday
(I mean every holiday, she even decorated it for Loogootee Lions at sectional time..usually including my cabbage patch dolls in their handmade cheerleader costumes)

stopping in the middle of it all to make DH a quick lunch of grilled chicken salad after a long cold morning at the farm reminded me we should nurture the relationships that God has graciously given us

trading the valentine red fiesta dishes for the green/blue ones,
reminded me of how the colors of these dishes evoke memories my mom's
colorful dining room

giving new life to the special valentine flowers I received
reminded me of the saturday flower arranging class my mom took me too
at VU when I was a young girl

 stashing a couple of votive candles in those dishes, for a quick burst of
clean linen scent as you pass reminded me that I miss the smell of my childhood home and that this was one of my mom's secrets to making it smell that way

letting this little one lick the batter reminded me that he may not always be interested
in helping me make brownies

And letting them spread pieces all over the floor reminded me
that this is their home,
the place they are making these childhood memories for themselves

This started as an ordinary stay at home Saturday, but I am sure glad that it has turned into
heart warming satisfing Saturday.  We are headed to enjoy the evening with friends, can't wait!

A touch of Spring!

We (my 2 stick picker uppers) and I made this to
add a touch of spring to our house today.
We found our idea here...Spring Tree

Started with the perfect sticks from the yard
but my collectors were too fast (because it was flurring snow!)
for me to snap a picture

And some tissue paper that I had on had, it had been picked up from the clearance rack.
The directions called for 2x2 squares, but these folds fell at 3inches so I just went with that.
I rarely measure anything, so I just eyed it.

Quick twist and a dab of glue

Now we {the mantle...I still have some exercising to do, hee}
are ready for spring!


Spring Fever!

We got a couple of second hand toys in the family yesterday.
They were making us have some serious spring fever!

Just for proof to my kiddos some day that I loved to play with them!

Sam and Joe were super excited about their new basketball goal.
Gonna provide some hours of fun for our family!

And who doesn't love a bounce house?!?  Super score by my brother..even better
it is at his house!

And despite the fact that it was 40 degrees or so, these kids had a pizza picnic on the lawn! 
Hey a little cold air is good for the immune system right?!?!!!!


Moving on Up!

DH is selling his baby.
He has a new baby in his sights of course!
So, tell your hubbies...
2004 John Deere X485 Mower
25hp, liquid cooled, fuel injected
62in deck, 477.5hr


Cole is 1-4!!!!!!!!!

Today my nephew COLE turned the big Fourteen.
Love that kid so much
even if he is a Case Fan.  He'll love JD some day!

Aunt Christine had all the goodies to make monster trucks
and all the kids, including me...loved it!

Happy 14th birthday Cole Willie
love you!


John 3:16 party

We had a fun John 3:16 party at Discovery Club Wednesday night.
I had a lot of fun planning the evening's events!

We started with a small snack (because we have snacks with all the grades at the end of the evening).
We used the cups for puff popcorn...I've got some picky ones but the all ate it!
The loved the balloons.
I orginally wanted the larger ones to tie to the back of each chair, but they all said I love you..
and at this age they are reading everything!  So  I stuck with Happy Valentines Day!
I also asked {wink} if I could have the bases they were displayed in, yep!
Those pink heart cover the big yellow $1 sign quite nicely!

I introduced our theme verse
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son...
We talked about it's meaning.
We discussed that we celebrate Valentine's Day because God first loved us
and it is our chance to pass it on...
And then we played a little version of pass the heart on.
Pass the heart until the music stops, if you are left with it when the music stops
you're out for that round! 
Tons. of . Giggles.

The out cast members and DH with the music(he came along for party night)

And we were thrilled to have cousin Drew tonight!

In the next activity I sent the kids to the room next door to retreive a pink heart
with one word of the bible verse on it.
They brought it back into our room and then we assembled and reviewed our verse again.

We completed 2 more activities including this letter matching John 3:16 printable
and a coloring page.

Mr. Joey G also had a little party in his room tonight and the took
these valentines to share.  I might work on this a little for next year
and make the tags a little more creative, but he loved them anyway!