Christmas Day 2014

Waking up to celebrate our Dear Saviors birth is something we certainly cherish!
And I love giving, so seeing those smiles is a big thing to cherish, too!
Found these plasma cars on deep discount.  Much fun to be had!

It was Joe's year to get his own bible.
He knew it too, was waiting since the first of the school year.
First grade is when the really start to be able to read independently, so midyear is a good fit
for their very own bible!

Of course we celebrated our 9 year old birthday boy!

DH finished Blake's cedar chest (actually for graduation a couple weeks ago)

Christine put out her village this year, I intended to but it did not happen!

Jaelyn had a tricky yarn ball to unwrap in order to get her gift.
She was good sport.
And Joe had a treasure hunt to find his gift...lots of fun!

Scott was feeling festive. Tee hee.
We met their new kitten Asher but he was too shy for a photo.

Love this picture. Love it.

A trick chip can, she was not having it.

Love them.

And then we headed to Granmda and Grandpa, where we found their new puppy, Skipper.

Sam made Ants on a Log for appetizer from Grandma's cookbook.

Grandpa great with most of his great grands.
Missing our buddy Andre!!  


My Christmas day baby turned nine.
Nine years ago, our baby boy was born in Guatemala
to a selfless mama and God could not have knitted a more perfect plan.
I am so overwhelming proud of this boy
his sweet, naive nature.
Some days I want to put a shell on him to protect him from this world.
He is quiet but introspective.
He is gentle.
He is so very funny.
I love how he notices the details.
I love that he is a builder, an engineer (wants Legos with directions, not free form)
I love his passion for the kitchen, gonna keep encouraging that!
I love how he wants to hang out at home and with mom and dad still.
I love that Joe is his best friend, the one that he plays with (and fights with).
I love most of all being his mom.
I learn a lot from how he approaches life.
  Things that would hurt my feelings, roll right off of him.
We've been blessed with being his parent for nine big years.
Oh imagine what the next nine will bring!
An example of his sweet naive nature:
Dryce: Sam, I have a super hot girlfriend.
Sam: Oh, she must be made of fire.
{serious as a tack, I might add}
And here is the thing, you can't laugh at that, I mean he meant that. Oh my!

12.24.14 Engaged


Noah proposed to Blake on 
He proposed before church in the afternoon
I didn't know until they came to Uncle Carl's that night,
the fact that she came by the house to pick up Joe.
they wanted to tell their parents first, rightfully so,
but then
the whole Methodist Church knew before me. what??
Oh man,
I gave her a hard time.  I think she thought I was for real.
I must admit that she did make a beeline for me when they got to Carls.
for once, Joe did not spill the beans.

We could not be more thrilled to welcome Noah to the family!
Shannon said, I will be the crazy Aunt at the wedding.  
Ill try to be a little tamer than that, 
but you better believe I will be hitting up Pinterest!

Christmas Eve 2014

Relaxing and enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree.
I bought myself a new throw this year, love the cozy fleece!

Before work Christmas Eve, the boys know they get to open a present.
They picked their box...Joe had asked for a blanket with dogs on it...
He was pretty happy with his first present!

And I think Sam picked this box because he liked the tag,
and he got new jammies.  He really needed them so he was pretty pleased too!

After work and a relaxing afternoon { only because DH went to the store, had baths done and made the taco salad, IKR} we headed to Uncle Carl's for Walker Family Christmas.  We usually go early, other families have church and other gatherings, so we can visit longer, we stayed up till the end this year too.

The kids trade names with each other, fun buying for cousin's kids!
My cousin Jessie made this cake. 
Sam spotted it right away, had to taste the blue velvet!

Blake read us the Christmas Story from the bible.  Love this tradition...
does she have a special glow? More later!!!

Fun, full evening with family.  Left blessed and headed home for
Christmas eve traditions.

We spread Reindeer food from Cousin Ella and Ryder
and read Twas the Night Before Christmas

And tucked to kids snug in their beds!

And then the parents did the last preparations and filled the stockings!

The little kitty {who doesn't have a name yet cause he won't come near}
caught it all from the window!

A party for Sam

We invited family to one of Sam's favorite restaurants on Monday night 12.22
for a party to celebrate his 9th birthday!
We were thrilled that everyone was able to come!
I thought with busy schedules and being so close to Christmas that some might have plans,
but we had a great group.  Best party to date if you ask me!

An apron and cookbook from grandma.

Sam was very surprised by the NBA 2k15 xbox game
but Joe stole the show declaring that he knew that we bought that
black Friday in Florida, he rambled on and on about it...hilarious.
I told him there was no way he knew beacause he could not keep a secret that well!

I wrapped the game up in clothes, which Sam loathes, tee hee.

Singing to our big nine year old.

And he asked to stay up a few minutes late to put together his St. Louis Cards
legos from Cousin Drew.