Christmas Eve 2014

Relaxing and enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree.
I bought myself a new throw this year, love the cozy fleece!

Before work Christmas Eve, the boys know they get to open a present.
They picked their box...Joe had asked for a blanket with dogs on it...
He was pretty happy with his first present!

And I think Sam picked this box because he liked the tag,
and he got new jammies.  He really needed them so he was pretty pleased too!

After work and a relaxing afternoon { only because DH went to the store, had baths done and made the taco salad, IKR} we headed to Uncle Carl's for Walker Family Christmas.  We usually go early, other families have church and other gatherings, so we can visit longer, we stayed up till the end this year too.

The kids trade names with each other, fun buying for cousin's kids!
My cousin Jessie made this cake. 
Sam spotted it right away, had to taste the blue velvet!

Blake read us the Christmas Story from the bible.  Love this tradition...
does she have a special glow? More later!!!

Fun, full evening with family.  Left blessed and headed home for
Christmas eve traditions.

We spread Reindeer food from Cousin Ella and Ryder
and read Twas the Night Before Christmas

And tucked to kids snug in their beds!

And then the parents did the last preparations and filled the stockings!

The little kitty {who doesn't have a name yet cause he won't come near}
caught it all from the window!

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