Warm Thanksgving Smiles!

It's December 26 today.  That is significant because as I blog these photos
I am so glad that we took this trip.
I am so blessed by the pictures and the memories made.
I have to admit that I wasn't pushing for this trip because I was a little overwhelmed with thought of
the holidays and then packing and  being gone for a week in the middle of it.
But, today, as  I reflect on the pictures I am glad DH pushed for the trip.
It was an easy going, do just whatever ya want kind of trip.
It was in the 60's most days, upper 60's a couple so we were able to soak in a little sun,
tons of beach time, but especially good quality family time.

Our last night at Pompano Joe's.  Love.that.place.

1st day out on the beach, he was LOVING the sun.
We were not the only ones out on the beach, but all that were admitted
 they were from the North like us.

Just some Indiana boys loving the cold ocean water.

This trip left time for finding playgrounds at a local park on the shore.

Gorgeous park!!

 There was time for reviewing the black friday ads.
I didn't concentrate with view!

We flew kites together and built fun stuff in the sand.
Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

We did a little black Friday shopping on Thurs night.  DH and I braved Walmart
and actually had fun with it.  

We played shuffleboard on Saturday morning and it was a blast.  The boys hung in there
for almost 2 hours.  The sun was shining down on us and all was well!

 The boys and I found a science center.  I had been seeing it advertised and couldn't wait to go see it.
It was a bit of bust...they had just moved and their displays were a bit out of date.
The boys didn't seem to mind, but I paid for admission LOL.
Let's just say we are bit spoiled by our children's museums in the Midwest!

There was time for our books a millon run.
I might add that Sam was in his jammies because he thought we were just going for doughnuts.

We found some yummy pizza next door at Helenback.  

my mermaid man

and we even showed the boys the game room at the condo for the first time.
What fun memories were made.
Love that this place is home away from home!

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