Simply Special Banner!

Here's a simple way to make your kiddo feel special!
This could work for any occasion!

It started with canned cinammon rolls for his last day of 1st grade.
I thought they could use something to make them feel a little more special.
Now considering cereal or yogurt/fruit are the normal choices, they were kinda
already special, ha!
I grabbed these 3 items from nearby while the rolls baked...
to make a Simply Special Banner.

 Kept it simple for him to read clearly
 He was pretty pumped when he read the message
and he loved the rolls even more!
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Diving into Summer

We dove right into summer, Celebrating Memorial Day.
We are so thankful for those who have served and protected our freedom!

 Nurse Blake stayed close to her surgery patient all day.
We missed Morgan, she came for a bit, but had to work at Bo-Macs

The water was freezing cold.  Maybe the coldest I've ever been in.
It was warm outside and cooled you off QUICK.
The weather was perfect for lounging long in to the evening, which is just what we did.
DH came home to grill for us for lunch but returned to the farm since
the fields were ready to plant corn. 

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Grandpa's Campfire

Grandma called Sunday and Grandpa had a campfire ready
for some roasting.
DH had gone fishing and forgot his phone, so we
packed up and went without him, snicker.

Simple summer pleasures...grilled hot dogs and swinging with your brother

 Cornhole is a must at all the cookouts now!
Sweet smoochy smores

And then the storm came rolling in...felt like sweet summertime!

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Class of 2013

I am very proud of our Morgan Ann!
She graduated last night from LHS
She was student council president so she was "master of ceremonies"
She greeted everyone and then closed the ceremony.
Did awesome, she said she was nervous, but you could not tell!

Class of 2013!

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Last Day of 1st Grade!

 Before you think, oh what a great idea...
cinnamon rolls with a cute little banner for breakfast on the last day...
{cause you know I was thinking that}
maybe you should know that I am the mom that forgot to pack
a lunch on "cooks choice" day. 
What kind of mom let's her kid eat cooks choice!
Good thing the rolls were a hit

A little Joey D made the trek back out to the van with me this morning.
But the next time it is time for school, I will exit alone.

Proud of Sam..promoted to 2nd grade! 

1st grade was harder for Sam, that English Language doesn't make  a lot of sense sometimes!
We were blessed that Mrs. Wagler was a superstar.  Sam really enjoyed having her for 1st grade.
I was happy that my friend since Kindergarten was his teacher.
He could not wait to choose her thank you gift.
We got a gift basket and he chose each item based on its degree of "purpleness".
Mrs. Wagler had mentioned that her favorite color was purple, and purple it was!
 Sam's favorite thing about 1st grade was AR reading program and playing at recess.

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First Summer Swim!

First Summer Swim!
Melissa and I got some mama bonding time
while the kiddos swam Tuesday after Field Day!
We had just enough time after school and before our next set of activies
to let the kids relax and enjoy the summer sun!

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Field Day 2013

Today was Field Day at Loogootee Elementary!
I was excited to help with it this year.
I was assigned to lead the picture frame
decorating station!
It was super busy and the only pic I thought to snap
was of this sweetie so her mama could see her in action!
I LOVED seeing the kids excited to make their frames,
all the ages seemed to like this station.
I know there were many other fun stations: relay races, zumba, bounce house,
corn hole, face painting, snack station...lots of fun!
So many of the kids were so polite, loved that!
I snapped a pic of Sam's paw print
he told me the color was Gold!

And tonight I ran to print the pics and organized them by homeroom
so we can put them in folders tomorrow to go home!
2 more days till school is out for summer!!!

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