God's Backyard Bible Camp -VBS

The boys and I spent all week at Berea's Vacation Bible School.
I partnered with my friend D'Andrea to teach our first graders and their buddies.
We met on Sunday afternoon and had our room ready in about an hour.
We set up a large tent (with some generous help from some other friends)
and decorated it to look a little more woodsy.
When the kids got their first glance, they were excited

 We worked with the table on the floor to make it feel more like camp
and it worked great.  We had 8 signed up but most nights we had 16-18.
So it allowed us to all circle around the table for lessons!

Recess was a huge hit and a saver for the teachers, they get restless and
this uses up some energy.  We are adding a new building at church and our playground
equipment is out of commission right now so the committee did a great job of organized games
Joe invited his friend Pax and he was able to come most nights and Sam asked Drew to come
 and he and Jaelyn were able to come a couple of nights too

Water balloon toss was a hit on the hot steamy nights

 The clubhouse was a great backdrop for our assembly time, songs
and a hideout for our puppet show
The lessons were very well put together and had hands on activity for the kids
to enjoy and learn from.  Each night we talked about Serving Others and a bible story
connected this for us.
We had team building activities

And book work

And lessons to act out (Rebecca and the camels at the well)

 And God's provisions for Gideon

And Paul's journeys

 Cooper the dog was our mascot
And the beach ball bounce was  a big hit, great way to get kids to come in after recess

Our first grade class!

And Joe's pre-k class, yes that is Joe back row horn in air (cringe)
Each class got to have instruments and play them during singing time

It was a wonderful week.  We went 5 full nights plus the program.
But the kids got it, they really could repeat the message when asked!  Love that
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Finer Days!

This week was FULL.
FULL of good things, exhausting but we made memories.
I worked my shifts and some OT plus helped teach bible school every night
and DH was out of town for job training, WOW what a week.
Wednesday night after a big downpour on our way home from VBS
God gave us this beauiful sight.
Joe was still talking about it the next night.
And when I sat down at my desk late in the day on Thursday,
I found this sweet message Joe had left me from the previous night.
It was MUCH needed, God revealed it to me at just the right time.

 Today I was off work and have enjoyed some of the finer things in life
like discovering these tomates that are not very far from making mama very happy!
And while the big boys were bailing straw, I got to bring Shaylee
with me to Walmart and home to swim.
I loved hearing her girlie squeals

And there was time to chat with my son about his sleepover last night
at Cousin Andre's.  He was excied to tell me all about it and the detaials about the video game they played.

We noticed the clouds together and enjoyed their beauty


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Rainy Summer Day

We have had a couple of rainy summer days too!
We enjoy them just the same!
Sam Age 7
Joe Age 5

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Camp Illiana

Joe went for a day camp yesterday with his best friend Pax
He was beyond excited just to spend time with Pax
and camp topped it off.
He packed his own bag and got it perfect.
He asked if he should say please and thank you and such.
He said he would listen to the boss.
I worked the exact hours of the camp so I could not
drop off our pick up :(
But they let me snap a picture before they left.
They swam, and played on a big slide, ate chicken for lunch
made new friends.
He made it there and back with out mom, he is growing up.
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Outdoor Tic Tac Toe!

The boys helped me make a fun TIC-TAC-TOE board last week.
While the boys were making Roadways last week.  I made this bare spot a sweet
outdoor playspot
It was super tough.  I had to mess up the mulch to make it look hard.
If DH doesn't do something with these leftover pavers, I will!

And we snuck inside for a popcorn snack and chose the perfect stones to paint

Tic Tac Toe fun!
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Mini Pool

I love the ideas they come up with, I love the memories that make.
The Mini Pool with my minis.

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Making roadways!

Thursday was a bit gloomy to start
but we don't waste a chance to enjoy the outdoors!
I hauled out the sidewalk chalk and we built
 some roads for our matchbox cars.

They worked hard together to make the roads come together
and choose the right piece

They allowed one another to drive on the road they had built,
created parking spaces, and played long after I had pulled the weeds and swept
the grass off the sidewalks...score!
We also loved on our new kitty!
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Cardinals Medals!

The Tball Cardinals celebrated their last game this week too.

This season made us so proud of Joe because:
he played on his own team (1st time without Sam)
hit from coach's pitch -no need for T
made lots of friends
loved having daddy as a helper coach
continued to be his comical coach
tried out 'chattering' Yip on the field by himself
cheered on teammates
wanted to keep score so very bad
ready for Minors next year
loved every game
he fell asleep on the way to the ball field
favorite part...free popsicle after the game
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