Thanksgiving 2015

We celebrated Thanksgiving the weekend before with the Grabers
Grandma made a great feast
Bishop (TMNT)

We really ENJOYED this smoked salmon.

Basketball Bus Ride

Sam took his first ever bus ride to a game last month.
He came to WB to get changed and ready due to short time to be back for bus.
He dresses for the B 5th grade team (sometimes).

Sam, Conner S, and Drew
us mama bears were just hoping they would come home
with all their clotes and SHOES< those are what will get us!

Around WB

I spend a large portion of my days at work...
here are some fun times lately!

We sponsored the elementary PAWS  tshirts this year.
The convocation is a big hit with the kids,
I like being invited for this!

I saw both my sweet boys, this one sat right in front of me!


We found the end of the rainbow!!!

And we celebrated tech week with some tasty treats.

And a pic with my gals for Breat Cancer awareness month

Annistion came to visit!!

And so did Sam, getting dressed for away game!

Earliest Tree Date!

We put our tree up in the middle of November this year...
it was way to early by all the rules.
But, traveling over Thanksgiving makes me want it up before
we leave, so we broke the rules this year.
The boys love it anytime,
mostly put it all up themselves this year.
They are getting so big and independent.

Sam was tall enough to put on the top of the tree this year!

And my mama's tree...circa 1990 is on it's last leg.  
DH and I haven't had another tree.  
We used duct tape this year...we need to fix it for next year.
It can't be replaced!

The night ended with a game of marbles

Watching Wizards

The Harlam Wizards came to town for fundraiser back in November.
It always provides a good show.
Joe was right in the middle of the action!