Sidewalk Paint - Round 2

He mixed this round by himself and did all the pouring
making sure to get them just right
Our before picture, they picked the spot we should beautify.
It has been a nice change of weather, cooler temps in the 80s has us enjoying some
non pool activities this week!

 This round a whole lot of paint mixing occurred because we got pretty sloppy and well we
ended up with mucky paint, ha. 
Our colorful wall after...
And as we suspected it rained last night an washed away most of our evidence.
Glad we have the photo memories and the feeling of fun together!
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Sidewalk Paint Round 1

1 part cornstarch
1 part water
4-6 drops food coloring
afternoon of fun

I love these activities.
Teaches skills in the kitchen
measuring and pouring and mixing
and we experimented with color combinations too
See those peaches...I got to those later in the day
but those papers behind Joe, I did not get to those, ha!

Both boys dressed themselves, Joe was going for the ombre look I think.
Tiger Night Graber got a little close to the action.
Stayed that way the whole time, he even drank it.

Joe's rocket

My flower bouquet

Sam's bowl of fruit, all of these are sideways?

Messy nearly empty tray = success

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Stoll Reunion 2013

I look forward to this time with family every other year.
The dynamic changes in those two years,
but the other families also look forward to this reunion
and it makes it oh so fun.
The young kids that used to rule this reunion have become teens and young adults.
There is another generation coming up too.
I love the roots of this family planted firmly in God.
I also love the diversity of this family.

 We began arriving Friday night and I loved seeing those familiar faces that live far and near again.
 We stayed at Clifty Falls Inn near Madison, IN.
 Saturday morning, it was raining but we stepped out to see some waterfalls anyway

The big kids played a round of basketball

And the littles played too

And the rest visited

 Around noon we moved to the Clifty Shelter for lunch and games

 Siblings and spouses, we missed Mary and Joe
 The siblings Ann, Clara, Darrell, Darla, Jean, Rose

 It dried up enough for an afternoon hike
 We had some lawbreakers... DNR found them. Ha!

 Sunday Morning we had an uplifting church service and sharing time.
Love that too!
Sunny skies paved our way home from a wonderful weekend!
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