Fall Fun Craft

Joe and I are making the most of our afternoons together.
Those Thursday afternoon alone times with my baby boy are numbered and I'm starting to feel it.
He loves all things crafty and asks to paint, draw daily.

We used cardstock and crayola paints in fall colors
I drew a little tree skeleton
and joe added his signature and age (so sweet)

We made a mini version for Blake, too!

I went Zip-Lining!

Had an experience of a lifetime last night!
My coworkers from the pharmacy went zip lining!
What a great time.
First of all we had gorgeous weather, just gorgeous
and we were in the most beautiful woods ever
in hilly southern Indiana!

We zip lined here...

our guides were a lot of fun and kept our energy up.
After we crossed and unhooked our safe word for the next person was Hoosiers
even though we had a couple PU fans in the bunch.
We were with a big group with some young kids and they were so brave!

This is just before one of the three lines that goes over water, my favorite of all.
We laughed at take off and landings and climbing hills.
  We rooted for each other and helped each other with gear.
I am blessed with fun and supportive coworkers, it was fun to share
this special experience with them!

We seriously had a ton of fun and I will do it again for sure!

The Garden Park

We got our pumpkins a couple weeks ago from our favorite place, The Garden Park.
We visit at least twice a year in the spring for flowers and fall for pumpkins and mums.
Our friends Jeremy and Miriam own it and we love to see their kids.

They found the perfect spot on our front porch

And the gourds that Sam and Joe's friends shared with them did too

With our new fall door mat...

We are ready to see Woo's There when there is a knock at the door!

Soccer Fun

The boys are really having a lot of fun playing soccer.
They love being on a team with their cousin Drew.  These 3 are ready to defend a kick in from the sideline..they did good, goal defended.

It rained at the beginning of the game but cleared off quickly.
Joe looks pretty wet here loved being goalie

He also loves the social aspect of team sports, taking a break with
friend Koen

He is usually a step behind the action, but really tries hard!  He is the smallest 
out there, I love how hard he tries and smiles all the while!

The team plus Drew and Coach Uncle Will

Sam stays in the action really well this year.  He has improved a lot this year.

He was frustrated because he didn't score a goal, we will need to work
on dealing with that frustration better.
He smiles a lot and loves to be out there playing.
My favorite is that he loves his under armour shirt.  We 
put it on and he told Joe...you need to get one of these rubberband shirts.
Love that kid!


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Tonight we took grandma a new flower to celebrate her birthday
It was a special birthday indeed...she is holding on...
can you tell how old she is?

Our brownies look sorta funny but those holes made them extra yummy because
after we baked them we smothered them with caramel.
I love baking with the boys, Sam is reading all the instructions 
and helps with everything from setting the temperature on the oven
to measuring the ingredients.  He reads everything so deliberately.  

And Joe is my master pourer and spoon licker

We helped grandma blow out her candles

And then we played some games

How funny is this picture?
It makes my heart smile.
Joe just knows he has beat grandpa
and grandpa is letting Joe know just how he feels about that!

Happy Birthday Grandma...we love you much.
So glad you are our grandma!

Good Spot

Have you noticed that this corner of the bar is the learning spot.
I didn't envision it that way. 
I thought homework and creative learning or crafts would 
be done in a different spot...
but perched right here at the end of bar
is where we do most of our homework.

and practice for spelling test

It is good really, this spot.
(don't you practice your spelling with a sword in hand?)


Spring Mill Candlelight Tour

What a marvelous day we had!! 
This fall weather feels very good this year after such a hot dry summer.
We grabbed our jackets and headed to Spring Mill for their candlelight tour
of the Pioneer Village.

It was super crowded and I think we are a little spoiled
that we have enjoyed this area with less crowds but
nonetheless we enjoyed our evening complete
with some caramel apples.

We took the mini hike route back to our car and the boys loved the flashlights and glow sticks mama had packed

Oh how I love these two
bright little souls.
My heart skips a beat when  I see this much sweetness in one picture~
We stopped on our way home to see Miss Mo at Bomacs too!