I went Zip-Lining!

Had an experience of a lifetime last night!
My coworkers from the pharmacy went zip lining!
What a great time.
First of all we had gorgeous weather, just gorgeous
and we were in the most beautiful woods ever
in hilly southern Indiana!

We zip lined here...

our guides were a lot of fun and kept our energy up.
After we crossed and unhooked our safe word for the next person was Hoosiers
even though we had a couple PU fans in the bunch.
We were with a big group with some young kids and they were so brave!

This is just before one of the three lines that goes over water, my favorite of all.
We laughed at take off and landings and climbing hills.
  We rooted for each other and helped each other with gear.
I am blessed with fun and supportive coworkers, it was fun to share
this special experience with them!

We seriously had a ton of fun and I will do it again for sure!