Happy Birthday Grandma!

Tonight we took grandma a new flower to celebrate her birthday
It was a special birthday indeed...she is holding on...
can you tell how old she is?

Our brownies look sorta funny but those holes made them extra yummy because
after we baked them we smothered them with caramel.
I love baking with the boys, Sam is reading all the instructions 
and helps with everything from setting the temperature on the oven
to measuring the ingredients.  He reads everything so deliberately.  

And Joe is my master pourer and spoon licker

We helped grandma blow out her candles

And then we played some games

How funny is this picture?
It makes my heart smile.
Joe just knows he has beat grandpa
and grandpa is letting Joe know just how he feels about that!

Happy Birthday Grandma...we love you much.
So glad you are our grandma!