Sunday Lunch

We are lucky to get invited to Sunday lunch at grandma's often.
It is a tradition.
We meet after church and grandma likes to see her boys dressed up, but we usually take clothes
to change into because it often turns into an all afternoon event.
Today we had lunch, grandma made mashed potatoes corn and green beans and lettuce salad
to go with the meat that was grilled for a benefit last night (DH and grandpa helped grill).
She always makes it seem easy to fix lunch for the family with 6 adults and 5 hungry grandkids.
And she always has a favorite for each in attendance!

We are lucky that we have a grandpa that always plays with us
in his stocking feet (ha)

And the best part of today was that the ladies left 
for a family baby shower and when we returned the kids
were worn out and the dishes were done!
Thanks grandma and grandpa for Sunday lunches
a tradition we treasure!