Soccer Fun

The boys are really having a lot of fun playing soccer.
They love being on a team with their cousin Drew.  These 3 are ready to defend a kick in from the sideline..they did good, goal defended.

It rained at the beginning of the game but cleared off quickly.
Joe looks pretty wet here loved being goalie

He also loves the social aspect of team sports, taking a break with
friend Koen

He is usually a step behind the action, but really tries hard!  He is the smallest 
out there, I love how hard he tries and smiles all the while!

The team plus Drew and Coach Uncle Will

Sam stays in the action really well this year.  He has improved a lot this year.

He was frustrated because he didn't score a goal, we will need to work
on dealing with that frustration better.
He smiles a lot and loves to be out there playing.
My favorite is that he loves his under armour shirt.  We 
put it on and he told Joe...you need to get one of these rubberband shirts.
Love that kid!