The Start of Preschool~ Joe

Today marked the first day of preschool
for Joe!
He has been ready since Sam went a few weeks ago,
asking most days when he starts.

We gathered his supplies 
and he asked to use his same backpack.
Cousin Blake bought him spiderman pencils
and those were a must on our box.
He said the only thing that would make it better
was spiderman crayons

He lined up like a pro for these pics.  
spun around for the back pack shot!

He loved school last year.  He is such a social boy... I love that!
This was the last I saw of him.  Hung up his back, handed off his supplies to
Mrs Peggy and Mrs Brenda and away he went.
Grandma picked him up since I was working...
she took him to McD for lunch and I snuck over for a very quick minute to see how things went