Typical Monday

Yeah, this is how we spend a typical monday.
Shooting waterguns
Relaxing in the pool

Dunking each other.
{Looks like Conner won his one-wink}

And Sam did fall asleep in the pool.
Finished his nap on the couch outside.

Typical Memorial Day Monday


House {Farm} Divided

Daddy is back in the fields today.
For you farm folk.
Our house stands divided.
Used to be all RED.
Until daddy got a job at the GREEN place.
Do you see where I am going with this?

My International Harvester Man.
{driving a green combine, shhh don't tell him}

John Deere Green

So how about you?
or you don't have a clue what I am talking about?


One Crazy Hour

a lot can happen in one hour.

'10 Softball Sectional Champs

Proud to introduce these softball sectional champs for 2010
members of the Loogootee Lion Girls Softball Team
Morgan  {manager} and Blake {right fielder}.

We sang at an assisted living for the youth group,
listening to the game each chance we got.
Luckily, it was in the same town as the sectional, so we zoomed over just in time
to celebrate victory.  {Sam was not feeling the excitement}

And then we headed back to watch their victory lap in our hometown.
Where we pull out all the stops, including an escort...

and while this fire truck's siren was loud it did not compare to

this bus full of a proud girls softball team.
{they were LOUD}

Sectional Champs Tshirts and Coach with the trophy

The girls loving Coach in pink.
Have I used the word proud in this post a couple of times?
It has been fun to watch this team of girls get down to business this year and play the game.
No drama, just softball and their hard work has paid off.
It was said at this pep rally that the Lion fans helped clinch the victory.
Here is one Proud Dad

and a Proud, LOUD Cow-bell ringing Mom

and a not so loud, but certainly proud Loogootee Lion baseball
{playing in their sectional this weekend boyfriend}

IHSAA 2010 Softball A Sectional Champs.
They couldn't have done it without a first inning
of basehits (Blake-check)scoring 5 runs (Blake-check).
They came out firing! 
Some awesome assistance in the dugout by the lion manager(Morgan-check)
And a game of tough defense...score after the 2nd inning 5-3. 
And to end the game a double play by the Lion second basegirl..final 5-3.


Happy 17th Blake

17 years ago, tomorrow, I was sitting in
the middle of the gym at
Loogootee High
practicing pomp and circumstance with the band
for graduation 1993 and I got the
news that my 1st niece, Blake was born.
I remember everything about her as a baby.
Her hair was dark as coal and she was perfect in every way.
Eventually her hair turned a lighter shade of brown,
but she is still perfect in everyway {just like all my nieces and nephews}.

I love how she confides in me,
love that she loves my boys.
And she even likes DH {most of the time}.

She is among my prayers,
 I want everything to be just right for all the kids that I love.
Today my prayers were for her health,
and Tonight I am glad she was feeling better so that
she could rock that number 9 uniform
and help clinch a victory for the Loogootee
Lions softball team

Good Luck in the Rest of Sectional
Happy Birthday Blake Martina.

What is it? {for real}

Seriously this time.
If you caught my last what is it post that was a flop, sorry.
This is for real.
I was pulling weeds tonight
and this is sticking out of the ground.

I am {patiently} waiting for DH to get off the mower,
so I can have him investigate.
I considered this to be something to get him off the mower for.
But if you know the DH and his family, they love their mowing,
so I am sure he would not approve.

 I am sure there is a logical explanation.

But it looks like a dried up lizard tongue to me.

And I am creeped out.


Opening Day

Opening Day 5.23.2010

Water was F-R-I-G-I-D

Sun was H-O-T

Fun was U-F-O-R-G-E-T-T-A-B-L-E

Happy 1st Birthday Elijah

Saturday we went to Indy to celebrate
Elijah Christian's
1st birthday.
He is a sweetheart -
he started walking like a champ almost 3 weeks ago!

His shirt was the best

He loves his mama and daddy
So do we, Eli, so do we!
They were honored we came since it was a drive.
But come on, they came with us to Guatemala to bring Sam home.
So I think we owe them a few trips North.

He Loved the balloons Sam picked out

And the big kids love the bubbles we got as party favors

He was not interested in his cake, but shared sweetly with his dad.

It was fun to be a part of Eli's birthday today
Would not have missed it for the world.
I loved this couple before they met
Prayed for my best friend's future spouse.
They are a perfect match,
and I love watching them share this love with their son, Elijah.