Feeling better already!

Feeling better already. Yep, this is what it took. Fresh Apple Crisp with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. I felt better after I whined and boo-hoo'd on my previous post - then to sign back on and read such uplifting comments from my blogger buddies! Thanks to you all. It is true - Joe is coming home, don't think there will be any Apple Crisp left though. Sam and Daddy loved it! And for those of you who know me well...I took pics of the event so that you would know that I did make it from scratch. Sam loved helping me. At one point, his mouth was so full of apples he couldn't talk! I also made meatloaf and fresh corn. After an evening of home-cooked goodies, we are all feeling pretty satisfied.
P.S. If I can make it so can you...

Apple Crisp (from my favoite cookbook from Dan's mom Jean - Bethel Mennonite Chruch)

1/4 c light brown sugar
1/4 c butter
1/2 c white sugar
3/4 c flour
4 c apples

Work together until crumbly. Spread 4 c of coarsely sliced apples (4-6 apples) into a greased baking dish. Pour over them 2 tbsp of lemon juice mixed in 1/4 c of water (I used Sierra Mist- no lemons on hand - lol). Sprinkle generously with cinnamon and lightly with nutmeg. Spready crumbly mixture over apples. Bake, uncovered, 50-60 min at 350, until apples are tender and crust is browned. Serve warm with ice cream!!

Lonely for some news...

I am lonely for some news on Joe. It has been such a long while since we heard about our case. With Sam, I would have been on the horn already. I know where my reluctance comes from this time, it lies with the uncertainess of Guat. adoptions. There has been some positive movement with some cases of fellow parents, but there has been some stalemates for others as well. My heart aches to hold Joe again, but if I think about it too much I get sooooooo sad, so I usually force myself to think of a more positive moment.

I have already come to terms with the fact that he will be older than I had hoped when he comes home. What I have not been able to face is the very real scare that we don't know at all when it will be. Some new sources, not the most reliable, question whether these babies will come home. I cannot even get my mind and certainly not my heart around that rumor. So, for the time being, I will be a constant reminder to myself to rely on God and his faithfulness and plan for our forever family.


Yipee-we are painting!!

This is Sam's favorite aisle at Home Depot. Each time we go (which has been weekly lately) he collects at least 3 Mickey faces in different colors. (Sorry BEHR paints, I guess we are wasting your samples - but we did buy some of your paint!)
Sam was so good on Thursday when we made a mad dash to home depot and bought 11 gallons, 2 quarts, and 1-5 gallon bucket of paint in 75 minutes! The paint mixer was great, very helpful, and also patient. Dan got the boys' room almost done and the guest room started. We are waiting on our great drywaller to finish (Sam's babysitter's dad!), then we will paint some more. Our cabinets should be done sometime this week. It is all coming around! I will post some sneak peaks later this week!

Busy Week and No Internet!

We had a great week! Busy to the max, though. I had a normal work week and spent the latter part preparing for a trip to Indy. Dan and I went to Indianapolis on Friday afternoon and got back about noon today. We spent time with friends Toni and Chris on Friday night, dinner and bowling and enjoyed seeing them. On Saturday, I had a meeting for work. It is part of our strategic planning for the year. The company owners spend a few days preparing and then invite all the managers to share the plans for 2008. The meeting is informative and then we have dinner and a band in the evening. This is the second year we have gone and we enjoyed both years. It was a good time away for Dan and I, on Saturday morning at breakfast I read the paper with no interruptions! I couldn't believe how fast I could get thru that thing! With the house remodel, we would not have taken time away, so it was nice! We sure did miss the little man, though. Last night after dinner Dan offered to pack up and drive home. It was tempting. Sam stayed with Grandma and Grandpa so we know he had fun!
Our internet has also been down, so that has added to no posts. I am back up and running, now I need to check out the happenings in everyone's week! Hope everyone has a great week.


Disappointing Datline NBC

Dateline aired a special on "baby brokers" from Guatemala, failing to mention any postive cases. How frustrating...here goes our media again - showing only the negative spin on a subject. So, I was asked about 10 times today about the show. Luckily, these are the same folks that I see often who fully support our adoptions, so could understand that there are legal and positive Guatemalan adoptions. I will again heavily rely on God's guidance to weather this storm. We have a beautiful family, made possible soley by Guatemalan adoptions. One very legal, very real, very complete adoption & one very legal, very real (so real it hurts that he is not here), very full of unknowns adoption.

But, I remember the day in February when we got an email from our agency that stated there were boys in Guatemala waiting for homes. I showed the email to my husband who immediately said - let's do it again. So, I put my entire trust in God that he has lead us to Guatemala again for a reason. Our hearts are open to this beautiful country, and we are fully dedicated to bringing our son Joseph home for good, in God's timing of course. I am also reminded that there is corruption in every system in every nation, but that doesn't make the entire system corrupt. For once, I wish the media had chosen to air both sides of the story.


FFF - 8/06

We went swimming most everyday while in Guatemala to pick up Sam, can you tell why??? Sam loved the water and we loved his expressions. It is so surreal to me that he is not this size anymore. I often hold him and cannot believe how much he had changed since a photo like this - - Samuel - August 21, 2006 - age 7.5 months.


Drew's scary face

Sam reading Hop on Pop to Drew. Every page said "Hop, hop, on pop."
This is Drew's scary face. He is sooooo funny. He loves to come visit "Sham". Aunt Jill and Drew stop by when Jaelyn is a preschool some Thursdays. We love it when they come visit. Today it gave us a ticket to stay in our jammies even longer. Jill showed Drew a picture of our family today (making a picture book to send to Joe), and Drew said Nanny, Ashee, Sham, Joe!!!! Jill and I were both surprised, these little kids are so bright!


New Things that Amaze Me


Sam is doing saying some really funny things right now, he continues to amaze me. Where does he learn these things anyway? It also reminds Dan and I that he hears everything we say.
Here are Sam's latest funny comments...
Cheeseburger - when taking his picture
Gun - At the basketball game when the ROTC came onto the floor, did my son notice the flag? No, he loudly declared "Gun!"
Hug - When he wants to be picked up
Potty (when Mama goes) - Sam has no interest himself
Corn - popcorn and corn, they must taste the same to him??
Nok - this is milk - go figure, he clearly knows what he wants
Coo coo - Cookies

How would you like some Nok and Coo coo's???



I was all ready to post this last night when I got disconnected from the internet, decided to post it this morning!
This picture was taken the week Sam came home from Guatemala (8/06). Sam was almost 8 months and Drew (my nephew) was 6&1/2 months. Now, Sam is 2 and in just a few short weeks Drew will be, 2, too! It is hard to believe how much they have changed.
Their personalities are emerging and they are so different. Drew moves at lightening speed and loves Disney's Cars. Sam chugs along a little slower and prefers Thomas the Train. Isn't it funny how that fits their personalities!
We have a lot of fun moments with these cousins growing up together. Looking forward to the memories and a few feuds along the way...


A Handprint to Remember

I came into the living room a few days ago and spotted this hand print. I had to smile. I mentioned it to Dan, he had seen it as well, but didn't remove it. It still remains, I suppose it will until it gets dusted off. I love having the evidence of a child in our home. For many years, we wished for this evidence, and now I will cherish it. Live on little chalk-dust hand print....The culprit: The chalkboard easel - Sam was proud to show me the chalk....
Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls
But every day I'm growing --
I'll be grown some day
And all those tiny handprints
Will surely fade away
So here's a little handprint
Just so you can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small
To Mama and Daddy
Love, Sam - Age 2

Our boys are getting bigger...

We received new measurements for Joe today. In December at 4 months, Joe was a wee bit bigger than in November when we visited. He has grown a lot since birth and is developing very well.

4 months: Weight 12lb 10 oz; Length 24 in.

Now if I could just get my hands on the little man!

We also went to the pediatrician today for Sam's 2 year check-up. Sam does really good for Dr. Ruff, but puts on that shy act like he does with everyone new is around. Dr. Ruff said he is right on target, doesn't need to see him until he is 3!!!!! I couldn't believe it, that's a whole year. Now let's hope we stay healthy for that year!

2years: Weight 46lbs; Length 38.5 in

They say that at 2 you can double the height for an adult prediction: That's 6ft 4in...I think Sam would be considered a Guatemalan Giant!

Sure do love these boys.....so thankful for their health.


Funny Bath Pictures

My kid makes me laugh, especially when it is time for a bath. This is defined differently depending on the household! You might expect Sam to squeal and run to the bathroom, instead, he looks for his rubbermaid tote. Since we don't have a tub (just a stand up shower), we use the kitchen. It started with the sink, which we quickly outgrew, so we came up with a great solution. So when I tell Sam it is bath time, he runs to the laundry area, grabs his rubbermaid storage tote and drags it to the kitchen. All the while, we hear gruting and sighing, "Heaby, ma, heaby" It's not really heavy, but is awakard for the little guy. Mama puts it up on the counter, fills it with water and Sam gladly plays with kitchen cups while mama does the dishes. I know, this is a little weird. But, I am sad to see this tradition go. You see, I am a multi tasker. I can very safely wash a sink of dishes while Sam sits within arms reach and enjoys his bath...What am I going to do with an actual bath tub????? Guess daddy will have to do dishes.
These are the eyes we get when he really wants to tease us....

This is Sam's fake mad look - any instant he will crack up laughing (his outloud belly laugh).


5 months old today

Happy Birthday Baby Joe! Mama, Daddy and Sam wish you a happy 5 months. Hopefully you will be home with us within the next 5 months! Mama is at work today, so no pictures to post. We wish you enough...


FFF - 2/2006

Brrrr..it's cold outside baby! This photo was taken last February. Morgan and I got Sam all dressed an ready to go outside for the pitiful 1/2 inch of snow we got for the entire year. Much to our dismay, he crawled out of his boot about 30 sec after this photo -so back inside we went!

We are ready again this year. We have our snowsuit (Thanks Jill) and boots (thanks to Shannon's BIL Cliff) - so come on snow!!


Precious Face

I absolutely love every one of our new photos of Joe. He seems to be getting more precious by the day. He appears to be growing and seeing these make me long to hold him even more. Thanks to my friend Amanda who sent this outfit for him, he certainly is filling it out more than when we left him last.
God has this way of snaping us out of a streak, doesn't he? I was just bumming out about what to post. It is so cold in Indiana, that I just want to curl up in a ball. Not anymore, I have baby pics to show off. Look out friends, were gonna look at these for a few days now!!!!!


Tree, Mama, Tree

So, it was time to take down the Christmas decorations yesterday. Sam obviously did not agree. When Sam woke from his nap, I had all the ornaments off the tree. My brother was here and while I was talking to him, Sam put 5 ornaments back onto the tree. Then, when I took to the tree apart....
Tree, Mama, Tree, peas mama peas, tree???
Not a happy camper, so I resorted to Sponge Bob and YoGo's - then we were friends again.

Great Friends, Fun Day

Sam's appointed Aunt Toni and Uncle Chris came down for the day to celebrate Christmas. We always have such a fun, relaxing time with them. Sam loves Aunt Toni, thinks she is one of the kids. We enjoyed lunch together and showed them the progress on the remodeling our our home. We will see them again soon, our turn to go Indy!

Colts vs. Titans

Me and DH...

The Indianapolis Colts!!!

The National Anthem

Katie and Matt...

Dan and I went to the Colts game ! What a blast. Now granted, it was the last game of the regular season when all positions have been clenched for the post season, and Peyton Manning play for only 2 series, Marvin Harrison didn't play at all, and the Colts didn't win....but it was still awesome! It was the last regular season game in the RCA dome and the crowd was great.
My college roommate and dear friend Katie called on Sat evening and said they had tickets. I said yes then realized I need to arrange a sitter for Sam and take off work on Monday! No problem, it was well worth it! We had suite tickets in the endzone and reserved parking - doesn't get any better than that! Free food and drinks, too! We had a great time with Katie and Matt, cheered on the Colts, then trecked back to Loogootee by 2am!
For New Year's we went to an indoor sports complex with our church. We had a good time there as well. Dan said that we need to start going to bed the same day that we get up, though. Maybe tonight will be better for that!