Dream Big!!

Last night we went to a DREAM BIG event held by our local library.
It was part of their summer reading program that we have been taking full advantage of!
The state champion basketball players came to encourage the kids to Dream Big.  
Most of them spoke to the young kids and really encouraged to follow their dreams,
whatever their dreams may be.  They asked the kids what they wanted to be..
Joe said batman
Sam said a basketball player.
It was a good reminder for mom to also encourage each of their dreams,
you never know what may come true!!

We wore our state champ shirts and had the players and coaches sign them, we also got 2 free state champ shirts for going and they were new ones we didnt have!

Hearing these boys talk about their dreams coming true, and their humble
nature in talking with the young kids encouraging their dreams
made for a night to remember.
Dream Big!!


Fresh Cucumber Slaw

The boys' Aunt Shannon dropped off some fresh cucumbers the other night, and it made me hungry for 
Cucumber Slaw.  I love cucumbers just about any way they come except pickles.
My boys will not eat any sort of cumcumber, but they were eager to help me prepare them!

My favorite things to make in the kitchen always involve my boys!

Yummy Goodness!


The Inbetween Days!

We had fun this week in between work
having friends and cousins over to swim

and enjoying the first corn of the season!

Some Stoll Kids

Some of the Stoll kids were here tonight.
I sure wish they had all been together.  Next summer!
We had a lot of fun visiting with Dan's cousins!

No babies were harmed in this shot.
But im telling ya, we laughed and laughed at this brave young man
(who daddy was right out of camera shot)

And Sam was right at home with these dear young soles
Melt my heart.  I love his tender side.

Until the next time the stolls gather.  Fun times!


St. Louis:The Ballgame

The first ballgame for two sweet boys.
DH could not wait to tell them where we were going.
So many people asked us before we left, around the hotel...Are you going to the game, etc.
but since they had never been before, they didn't suspect a thing.
Sam said, sometime we need to go to a game on Saturday night!
So as we neared the stadium beside the red fountains
DH told the boys that we were headed to the game
Sam was beside himself....asking all the details, most importantly who were they versing???
Joe was also beside himself...asking how long it would take and making sure that Blake could 
watch him the next time if we should ever torture him  by bringing him to a game!!!

It was Father's Day so all the players had their kids on the field.
They also announced the players at bat

Our seats were really fun near the home run area in left field,
Holliday was right beside us

And I just happened to snap this picture of him hitting his HOMERUN!
We saw back to back jacks...Sam loved the fireworks.
By this time, Joe was a little more into the game and enjoyed it too!

We were standing up with the rest of the crowd ready to celebrate the Cards win
when a home run was hit by the Royals to tie it on a 2 out, 2 strike pitch!  
Talk about deflated...we stayed another inning but didn't make it to the end of the game.
But since it lasted 15 innings we listened to it 1/2 way home!

Sam was ready to trade our seats in for some in the shade!

Memorable weekend in St. Louis
The Gateway City!


St. Louis: The Arch

We stayed at he Hyatt across from the arch.  It was the closest we have stayed
and was also very near Busch stadium, we loved the location
After we enjoyed our breakfast at the hotel that came with our stay
we headed to the arch

Our room had this view

The boys loved the red fountain

and the view into Busch stadium!

We had much entertainment in the room after the City Museum saturday night
you know, like the flying baby

We went to the Galleria Mall on Saturday night for the ever important build a bear store
and St Louis Cardinals gear (we bought sweatbands for the boys)

Who knows, but they love playing in a motel room

Headed to the arch, discussing all the important things
on Father's Day!

First feel of the arch, they thought it was smooth and hot and so tall

We went thru the museum, but opted not to go up this time

And then we walked North and the anticipation was building for two little 
boys who had no idea that they were going to a Major League Baseball Game.
We sat around the red fountain and enjoyed for a bit

When daddy finally let it out of the bag, Sam was so excited!
Joe said that a surprise was something that should come from a bag (that kid!)

St. Louis: The City Museum

Going to St. Louis is a special place for both DH and I.
This is where both of our families went most summers for vacation.
We remember seeing the Arch and the Cardinals.
My dad loved the Cardinals and Six Flags (oh, wait it was probably us kids that liked Six Flags)
One of  my favorite parts is seeing the Arch from East St. Louis for miles before the city.
This is the first trip the boys remember and they thought it was cool too!

We ventured to a new place this trip:  The City Museum.
Oh my.  I will be a must on our list in the future!
It is not a museum at all, it is an adventure place 
full of places to climb and explore.

We had so much fun as a family.

We climbed into the giant ball pit and the fun began!

As I laid and played in the balls with the boys I thought
look at those crazy people crawling in those tunnels overhead.
They are high above the ground and made of wire...crazy people!
I think I'll play it safe...

We faced fears of steep slides and climbed in suspended firetrucks and airplanes

We traversed tunnels high above the street below

We ran to explore airplanes and take a ride

We fit into spaces that were small and steep, I took this picture from the top after we climbed up!

And then we did the unthinkable, that tunnel I had just
swore I would not enter, Sam maneuvered it like a pro
and then I inched my way thru!
DH was so excited for me that he took a pic with his cell phone!

We headed inside because we were drenched in sweat and in need of a break.
We grabbed some lunch and then set out to explore inside.
We enjoyed a quick magic show and explore the indoor caves.
Those spaces were way smaller and darker than I was willing to maneuver!

And although blurry, my grand finally was this roller slide!

Wow, what an adventure!  It was sometimes tough for mom and dad to keep up with the boys
but we did our best and enjoyed it so much!
There were 2 areas that we didn't even pay to explore, the roof and the aquarium.  Maybe next visit!