Summer Reading!

I searched online for the perfect summer reading program.
They all looked perfect, so inviting, and I was ready to dive in a pray that I didn't lose
my resolve 1/2 way thru summer when I remembered that our favorite local library 
had  summer reading program!
We headed to the library to return some books we had out and sure enough
the Dream Big reading program was scheduled to start the following week - super!

We joined them Thursday morning for the Reading by a special guest...

And craft time...this kind of visit fits right into my busy day off schedule (or lack there of, since the laundry is clean and dry but not folded)...reading time, craft time, and 6 new books in 45 minutes!

The kids are signed up as independent readers or family readers so we select appropriate books for both.
We keep track on these logs - i printed those at home b/c Sam loves to talk about the author and illustrator,
then tell the library our accomplishments for small rewards.  They have them set up all the way up to 100 books.  We stopped by for our 1st reward the other day 1 book scored them a bag and 3 books scored them a bookmark.  We are all excited about our Summer Reading!