St. Louis:The Ballgame

The first ballgame for two sweet boys.
DH could not wait to tell them where we were going.
So many people asked us before we left, around the hotel...Are you going to the game, etc.
but since they had never been before, they didn't suspect a thing.
Sam said, sometime we need to go to a game on Saturday night!
So as we neared the stadium beside the red fountains
DH told the boys that we were headed to the game
Sam was beside himself....asking all the details, most importantly who were they versing???
Joe was also beside himself...asking how long it would take and making sure that Blake could 
watch him the next time if we should ever torture him  by bringing him to a game!!!

It was Father's Day so all the players had their kids on the field.
They also announced the players at bat

Our seats were really fun near the home run area in left field,
Holliday was right beside us

And I just happened to snap this picture of him hitting his HOMERUN!
We saw back to back jacks...Sam loved the fireworks.
By this time, Joe was a little more into the game and enjoyed it too!

We were standing up with the rest of the crowd ready to celebrate the Cards win
when a home run was hit by the Royals to tie it on a 2 out, 2 strike pitch!  
Talk about deflated...we stayed another inning but didn't make it to the end of the game.
But since it lasted 15 innings we listened to it 1/2 way home!

Sam was ready to trade our seats in for some in the shade!

Memorable weekend in St. Louis
The Gateway City!