Dream Big!!

Last night we went to a DREAM BIG event held by our local library.
It was part of their summer reading program that we have been taking full advantage of!
The state champion basketball players came to encourage the kids to Dream Big.  
Most of them spoke to the young kids and really encouraged to follow their dreams,
whatever their dreams may be.  They asked the kids what they wanted to be..
Joe said batman
Sam said a basketball player.
It was a good reminder for mom to also encourage each of their dreams,
you never know what may come true!!

We wore our state champ shirts and had the players and coaches sign them, we also got 2 free state champ shirts for going and they were new ones we didnt have!

Hearing these boys talk about their dreams coming true, and their humble
nature in talking with the young kids encouraging their dreams
made for a night to remember.
Dream Big!!