Sunday Swim and Storms!

Sunday brought a much needed day off, 
I'm in the middle of covering my partner's vacation
so worked M-S off Sun and M,Tu
so thankful for my normal schedule with some days off built in
(so is the laundry basket)

We added a water balloon fight to our swimming fun.
We did not have nearly enough balloons filled up even though we had a full bucket!

We spent the entire day outside but in the water to beat the heat.
The heat has really reached record temps for us this year,
combined with the lack of moisture has us experiencing 
unusual weather.
We haven't mowed since May 21, you'd think that left some time for extra projects,
but evening temps have reached the 100's so those outdoor projects are out of the question!

We had just finished up our impromtu  bbq with my family and headed inside
when the winds picked up and the radar showed rain!

We sat on the porch and watched the storm, praying for much rain

But alas not much came, maybe enough to settle to dust.
So we headed inside for a round of
Uno {as I call it}
One Card {as DH calls it, is that amish??}

Anyway it is a super game for both boys to work on number, color and direction skills!