Sam's Library Story

As part of the library's summer reading program, 
they encouraged kids of all ages to write a story.
Sunday afternoon, I was still laying low from being sick Saturday 
(culture came back with Strep B...I had Strep A in April...thankful there is no strep C (ha))
Typical Sunday afternoons are spent splashing around the pool,
but this one we spent inside writing our stories to turn in.

Sam chose to write about his bow and arrow.
In May Dan took the boys to a father son campout with church.
They taught the kids how to shoot bow and arrows and Sam is in love.
He talks about it a lot and grandma recently bought him a play set at the dollar store.

I went to the internet and found this paper, encouraged him to draw a picture
in the box and then write about it below.
We kept it super simple...one or two sentences per page
and 4 pages total

His story:  I like to shoot by bow and arrow
By Sam Graber - Age 6

Ha, ha....LOVE that face

I love how he perfects his had position when he plays, we intend to choose a bow for him soon.

Really neat, I think!

Pretty sure he was proud of his book. It's turned around backward here, ha!