Sweet Summer Corn

Last Thursday the corn was ready.
When the corn is ready, it must be worked to freeze for the winter.
Joe's buddy spent the night, so they played all morning long

This year's dry conditions left the graber patch a little thin in some areas...this is unusual for this prime corn patch

But we forged on picking, shucking, cutting, cleaning, cooking, cooling, cutting again, bagging and freezing

I loved working along side grandpa great.  He works so hard
doesn't say much, but what he says is pleasant, and so I always listen
for what words of wisdom he has.
I had to think how many seasons of freezer corn he has worked.
He's seen worse years for the bounty, but he said this year
was thinner than most.
We both agreed that even our thinnest ears would be sought after
in some countries.  In the end our 9 buckets yielded around 50 bags of corn,
so we did just fine!

We were lucky that a few ears also looked like this

Sam loves to help mark the bags

And the most favorite job of all

taste testers!